Your 5 Steps to Natural Breast Care

The use of natural progesterone is the safest way to do this e.g.:  Wild Yam. Progestin is different in that it is synthetically produced progesterone like compounds that do not exist in nature. The national Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the World Health Organisation as carcinogenic have listed progestin’s.

Maca is effective as it promotes the ovaries and the other glands to produce the needed hormones.

Balancing Blood Sugar.
What we eat directly affects and influences our blood sugar levels. A high glycemic index food raises blood sugar rapidly and a low glycemic index raises blood sugar slowly. Hormones released in response to the food that we eat control our blood sugar. High insulin levels will increase oestrogens dominance

Exercise produces endorphins the body’s natural HIGH mechanism. Exercise alleviates moodiness and depression and a 30-minute workout daily brings s much relief as a natural anti depressant.

Dr Batmanchelidj in “your Body’s Many Cries for Water” states that dehydration through inadequate consumption of water causes the breast to secrete a hormone called prolactin, which at times can cause the breast to form cancerous tissue.

Water also flushes the liver, kidneys and the breast, the biological role of the breast is as a fluid secreting organ. If we are dehydrated the breast is not flushed of its natural waste products.

Inadequate amounts of water can cause a build up of toxins in the body generally lowering vitality and preventing the lymphatic fluids systemically in the body (the breasts are full of lymph nodes, as any woman with PMS will attest to!) from being cleansed.

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