Womens Hormone Detoxification

Any health issues with your breasts will be greatly assisted by undertaking a Natural Hormonal Detoxification Program. The liver processes a large percentage of female hormones. If it is congested or sluggish it will not be able to purify your blood stream. Thus your hormones will not be processed and the blood will not be detoxified effectively. Liver and gall bladder de-toxification can help enormously with lumpy, painful, fluid filled breasts.

How do under wired Bra’s affect my breasts?
A Swedish study has shown that there is a probable strong correlation between breast cancers and under wire bras. This study also indicates that  there is a 29% decrease in breast cancer when women went without this garment or wore bra’s that were not under wired. Women who went without a bra also showed a lower risk of breast cancer as a group.
Also 90% sufferers with fibrocystic breast improved when they quit wearing bras. Wearing camisoles or tanks tops also considerably reduces the pain with women who have swollen and fluid filled breasts.

The Peaceful Heart
Last but not least! Stress is one of the greatest enemies to vibrant health & energy. Fostering inner peace in whatever way you can is one of the hall marks of good breast health and a balanced hormonal system. Taking time out just for you increases your endorphins, the happy hormone. And hanging out with you women friends interestingly also helps us to become more balanced & content!

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