I love it when my clients ask me about the pros & cons of Colon Hydrotherapy. Many folk are worried about possible loss of good microbes from the bowel during the Colonic. Others are concerned that having Colonics will make their bodies dependant on them & that they will still suffer from constipation & other health problems. Others are just mystified as to why any one would want to have such a ‘weird’ procedure as Colon Hydrotherapy!!

So….. here’s the low down on ‘why have a colonic? Stay tuned for ‘Are Colonics addictive?’

During a Colonic your body will begin to release old impacted faecal matter that adheres to the wall of the Colon causing mild to severe ill-health conditions. During this time some of the good microbes can also be released. However it is really like a numbers game. We need a good amount of healthy microbes in our gut to help to form a healthy immune system. We certainly do not need the bad microbes ( which are removed by the Colon Hydrotherapy) & which cause bloating, gas, pain & toxicity in our body.

If your not in tip top shape, the bad microbes in your Colon often totally out weigh the good microbes. During the Colonic the water will soften the hardened ‘mucoid plaque’ adhered to your Colon wall, preparing it for release during the Colon Hydrotherapy.

As it is washed out by the action of the water in the Colon Hydrotherapy session the cells in the wall of your bowel are freed from this toxic coating & can in fact begin to produce more good microbes.

After your Colonic it is imperative that you re-colonise your bowel with Probiotics. This means that the good bacterium multiply even further, totally outweighing the bad bacterium. Thus your Colon Hydrotherapy session actually will contribute to a far greater number of healthy bacterium & a vibrant Immune system!!

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