What is Pre Conception Health Care?

Since time immemorial, the secrets of fertility were the terrain of the covens of witches. Fully embraced within the hearth of women healer’s herbalists & sages. Passed down woman to woman. Generation to generation. Named ‘Woman’s business’.

And embraced & honoured as the natural way to birth for all women!

Heavily swollen bellied mothers-to-be were privy to brews of raspberry leaf & other herbals to honour the growing life within & to keep their new born from being brought into this world, in the dead of the night, without life.

Today the plethora of IVF & drugs has taken from women this knowledge that ought to be known by all. And women bodies have become a ritual for modern medicine to practice new & better drugs on as our fertility wanes & waivers in the light of a globe that is more & more toxic. Our babies are born in the sanctum of the hospital environment where we women are subjected to an illness that is called ‘pregnancy’. And a medical event that is called ‘birth’.

Where has ‘Natural’ gone? Why are we considered ‘ill’ when the very nature of reproduction is so essential for the natural continuation of the human species? Why are our bodies vilified by medical science & not revered & awed by the nature of labour. By the swollen moaning that we must breathe into & allow, with our deepest fibre, as our bodies prepare for birth? To the howling that allows us to scream to the heavens for assistance as our bodies open to give forth life?  …

… and bugger the neighbours if our moaning & swearing causes them concern if we birth at home! …

It’s no wonder we no longer reproduce easily. Birth naturally.  Hold our babies as soon as they are born! That hospital bed & sterile environment is the antithesis of the warmth & love embraced in the juice of natural procreation!

Why are so many no longer blessed with a baby that is healthy & well?

Where are these ancient fertility secrets our grandmothers naturally & without thought practised? And why have we shunned them when it is they that we need desperately to embrace to turn the tide of infertility, IVF, miscarriage, still birth & babies born unwell or disabled?

These secrets are hidden in the foods we eat. In the environment we live in. In our hearts & minds when we conceive. And in Mother Earth as she holds us to breathe life into our new born.

These secrets are called ‘Preconception care’ or ‘Natural Fertility’

These secrets are now are validated by research. Their efficacy ratified by groups such as …… These time honoured practises form the basis of your journey into successful parenthood in the most natural way!


These secrets are now being embraced by a new generations of men & women. By those who are realising how important it is to your future lineage to look after yourself before you conceive. To follow the tried & proven pathway into natural conception. To embrace a commitment to yourself so that your CAN achieve a healthy pregnancy & a gentle birth of a healthy happy baby!

We offer you this right as you journey forth into this extraordinary event called parenthood.

With blessings

Annie & the Natural Fertility Team

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