The Massive benefit of Liver Gall Bladder Detoxification

All diseases or symptoms of ill health begin with obstruction! Gall stones obstruct the flow of bile & therefore stop healthy digestion occurring! 

Almost every person with a chronic illness has an excessive number of gallstones in their liver and gallbladder. However unless there is specific liver disease this all-important organ is rarely considered the culprit.

If you are overstressed, indulge too frequently in poor eating habits & “city” life-style; your liver can become overloaded & will not function efficiently. At the same time, small “gall” stones can form in the liver & move down to your gall bladder lodging there. The development & collection of stones in the gall bladder causes many digestive, hormonal & emotional problems

And it is of clinical concern to me that many diagnostic procedures like the Ultra Sound…

It is of clinical concern to me that many diagnostic procedures like the Ultra Sound will only show the large Gall bladder stones that are already causing many health problems. But will not show the smaller ones that can cause irritating symptoms like lethargy, nausea, headaches & nagging upper back pain

If your symptoms are mild, increasing your intake of RAW foods, Juice feasting & Green Smoothies will help your liver to renew its cells. Drinking lots of raw Apple juice will assist in dissolving Liver Gallbladder stones. But a full Liver detox at least once a year with the Liver Gall Bladder Detox program, is vital for anyone over the age of 35years to permanently remove annoying symptoms. It is a sad treatise on our culture that the youngest person I have treated with this therapy was actually 19 years & passed 50 gall stones!

But by removing these stones through a series of Liver Gall Bladder cleanses & adopting a    healthy life style and diet, the liver and gall bladder are able to restore their natural efficiency and energy and vitality flood back!

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