The Joy of a Healthy Liver

Most folk want more energy, great performance, clear thinking, refreshing sleep, lots of love & a great sex life!!! But so many of us believe that we can not have this, especially as we age! In my Clinical experience, all of these are within the reach of all of YOU at any age!!

What mostly stops us from having all of the above, is the lack of regular liver detoxification! Stress & the ingestion of a typical western diet cause so many problems to our health.

The liver, the great ‘ET’ organ of the human body amazingly, can regenerate itself……

The liver, the great ‘ET’ organ of the human body can regenerate itself. It is also the major organ that cleanses our blood 24/7, keeping us healthy energetic & happy! But how many of us take the time to actually look after this amazing friend!

We eat junk food, drink too much, stay up late, take stimulants, are exposed to a toxic world, & generally never listen to our bodies!! So its little wonder that our liver begins to complain, sending us messages like belly bloating, PMT, headaches, weight gain, impotence, insomnia, irritabilty etc…

If you have digestive disturbances, fat intolerance, a fatty liver, diarrhoea/constipation swings, elevated cholesterol, serious PMT, uncontrollable mood swings, allergies, chronic fatigue, depression, hormonal problems, period irregularity, back and shoulder pain or really low energy you will definitely benefit from a full Liver & Gall bladder de-toxification program.

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