The Elegant Menopause

A few years ago a beautiful mature woman of 56 years, experiencing her menopause sought my assistance in my clinic. Sitting there in tears she told me…’no one ever told me menopause would be like this..…pain, memory lag, exhaustion, irritability, clumsiness, no libido,…..this is the pits!!’

If you are over 40 & feeling like this, there is a good chance you are going into “The Change’!!

Menopause is a time of huge transformation & opportunity for every woman & her loved ones. This natural aging process is largely misunderstood & many symptoms of Menopause are glossed over by the Medical Profession. As a consequence, menopausal women mostly remain uncared for & feel dis-empowered, confused, unwell & uncertain.

The Elegant Menopause program offers each woman a chance to deal with her ‘change’ in an educated informed fashion. Our program aims to address 4 major areas of health bringing vitality, energy, fitness, a great libido & vibrant well-being to any woman at this stage of life.

The Elegant Menopause Program includes:

  1. Self Care Education
  2. Natural Hormone Balancing & Detoxification
  3. Nutrition for Health & Wellness.
  4. Managing & Understanding the Menopause Emotional Rite of Passage

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During Menopause our hormones are incredibly powerful drivers capable of sudden changes that can pull the rug our from under our feet. This program is designed to manage your physical, emotional, spiritual & mental health & well being in a on-going manner. Some women need regular appointments for a number of years whilst others can come quickly to balance & harmony within 3-6 months. For this reason this program is designed on an individual appointment basis catering to your personal needs.

Initial Consultation – $167 for 90 minutes Concessions Available

Initial Consultation includes:

  • Comprehensive Nutritional, Homeopathic & Naturopathic assessment.
  • Blood type analysis.
  • Thyroid function assessment
  • Hormone balancing analysis
  • Stress management
  • Adrenal support
  • Sleep pattern assessment
  • Muscular-skeletal symptom analysis
  • Mood & emotional support
  • Life-style goals & assessment
  • Sexuality coaching
  • Self Care & inner work program
  • Program set up & anticipated time frame to manifest your elegant menopause!

Follow-ups Consultations (Minimum of 3) $ 107 for 60 minutes

These consultations are designed to continue with your treatment & education in all areas assessed as needing assistance in your Initial Consultation.

The program is designed to be flexible to accommodate life-style changes & the labile nature of the menopausal hormones.


[tab title=”Frequently asked Questions”]

What is Menopause

Menopause is medically classified as ‘cessation of menstruation’ However there are many other symptoms of menopause.

When will I go into Menopause?

Any where between 35-60 years of age. The average age is about 50.

What is Perimenopause?

This is the few years before you stop bleeding. This usually begins in your 40’s.

What happens to my periods when I go into Menopause?

At the onset of menopause your period will begin to change. It may begin to be irregular, heavier, lighter, more/less painful. This can progress to fewer & fewer periods until you stop bleeding all together. This time frame can be months to years prior to full cessation of menstruation.

What are the problematic symptoms of Menopause?

There are many! To list but a few:

  • Muscle & joint pain. Poor co-ordination. Clumsiness. Headaches.
  • Loss of memory. Poor concentration.
  • Dryness of the skin & vagina. Loss of skin & muscle tone. Fatigue. Weight gain.
  • Loss of libido. Moodiness. Irritability. Depression. Loss of self esteem. Feeling useless, vague, disconnected. ‘A total roller coaster’!

Is there any up side to Menopause?

Yes there is! If you are having problems it will be due to you being out of balance in many areas!

Menopause is an amazing time where it is a woman’s right to fully take control of her life. This is a rite of passage from being a matriarch to the wise woman. Through bringing your hormones back into balance & addressing the issues you are experiencing, the ‘Elegant Menopause’ program invites you to fully embrace this authority.

Through the 4 stages of the ‘Elegant Menopause’ program you will be learning about this poorly understood concept & fully embracing its magical effects in transforming your life & the lives of your beloved ones.

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