Centering & Developing Awareness with Pranala Yoga

Welcome to Pranala Yoga, a fusion of Hatha & Vinyasa yoga with the influence of the Sharman’s of Bali through the activation of the Pranala Mudra!

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Yoga Pranala is a unique style of yoga that combines the ancient knowledge &discipline of Yoga with Mudra Pranala. This is an ancient healing system based on energy movement transmitted to my teacher Linda Mandin-Grondin by the renowned Balinese Sharman Tjokorda Rai& taught to me during my Yoga Teacher Training with her.

Yoga Pranala supports our spiritual development by strengthening our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies. This teaching prepares us to merge our individual consciousness with the source & our individual intelligence with the universal intelligence. This invites us then to go beyond the limits of the 5 senses mind.

During the practice of Pranala Yoga we connect to our highest self by shifting from thinking to sensing, merging our left-brain functions of intellect & individual will with our right brain functions of receptivity, intuition & instinct. As we bring our awareness to the heart we internalise the experiences of the mind & our thought process becomes more peaceful…

We learn to increase our sensibility to the energies of Mother-Earth (feminine-negative) & the energy of the universe (masculine-positive). The union of these poles within us appears as prana the life force energy. Prana & energy movements are essential for the health of our mind body & spirit.

In Balinese lontars, ‘pra’ means first; ‘prana’, power; ‘nala’, inner fire. ‘Pranala’ means circulation. The word Prana comes from 2 roots, ‘Pra’ means first & ‘na’ is the unity of energy by extension of spirit. Therefore ‘prana’ can be understood as the first unity of (energy) spirit.


As first we learn to move awareness in the frontal passages or ‘frontal nadi’. Then we explore the energy in the spine & the spinal channel or ‘sushuma nadi’. When the spine is flexible & healthy & devoid of blockages, inner balance takes place.

Breathing is an essential part of a Yoga Pranala practice. The breath initiates & finishes the asana movement. When we are consciously breathing we are channelling prana/spirit/consciousness. The breath is the vehicle that carries spirit within us, through & around our body. At first we use our awareness to lead the energy but eventually it is the energy that leads us!

Principles of Pranala Yoga

  1. Centering – we need to initially centre our awareness to the centre of the chest. This is the seat of your soul& is referred to in Pranala Yoga as the This is your individualised consciousness
  2. Rooting – the second principle is to root yourself into the energy of the earth. Becoming aware during your Yoga practice of feeling the connection points between your feet, the floor & the energy of the earth allows you to experience the rebounding back of this energy throughout your body.
  3. Connection to the sky – This is our connection to the universe. To spirit. Allowing this energy to lightly cascade down upon you during your Asanas opens us to wisdom & knowledge within.
  4. Spine as an aerial – Feeling your spine as a connection between the earth & the heavens through all your Yogic practice
  5. Fourth fusion – Feeling both of these energies merging within creates a perfect harmony & balance. This is essential for mental emotional physical &spiritual health
  6. Breathing – the breath is the vehicle for prana. The breath initiates& finishes the movement. The pause between the inhale & the exhale & the exhale & the inhale extends the breath, the consciousness & the life span.

Rules of alignment of Pranala Yoga

  1. Centering your pelvis – as the foundation for the support of your spine is essential for balance safety & release in all Yoga Asanas
  2. Centering the chest – creates space within your heart centre & deepens your connection to universal love
  3. Erecting the spine – creates space between the hips & armpits, the midbrain & the tailbone.

Class Time Table

All classes include a variety of Asana’s, Pranayama, Meditation, Mudras, Chanting & Tantric / Kundalini Energy practices all based in the Yoga Pranala system.

2016 classes start on Wednesday 27th Jan 2016

@ THE SANCTUARY – 32 Lorward Ave, Bardon, Qld

Fri: 6-7 am Friday Warmer – Divine Vinyasa Flows & Calming Pranyama to end your week

Sat: 2.30 – 4pm – Experience the essence of Bali with Pranala Yoga

@ Life Essence 27 City Rd Beenleigh

Thurs: 10.30 -11.30am Restorative Yoga – Practice the art of deep stillness.

12-1 pm Midday Refresher Yoga – Stretch, strengthen & release

Thursdays 7.15-8.30pm – Dynamic PRANALA with Yoga Relaxation


Drop-In Class

  • $15 per class 60 minute
  • $20 per class 90 minute

Packet of 5 classes – to be used within 6 weeks from purchase

  • $65 for 5, 60 min classes
  • $80 for 5, 90 min classes

Packet of 10 classes – to be used within 12 weeks from purchase

  • $110 for 10, 60 min classes
  • $150 for 10, 90 min classes

1 Month unlimited classes

  • $140 for any 60 / 90 min class

Coming into the ‘Shala’ or ‘Yogic Space’

We ask that you arrive at your class a few minutes early. This ensures that you enjoy the most of every class including the warm ups, chanting’s & meditations that often occur at the start of each class. It also respects the meditative space that many students like to step into as soon as they arrive.

If you are running late, please enter the ‘Shala’ – Yoga Temple quietly & find a space for your mat & join in with us in whichever practice we have started.

Pranala Yoga Practice teaches you to balance your feminine & masculine powers.

  • Private classes for couples & small groups
  • Small & safe drop-in classes for beginner to advanced students
  • Fertility & Pregnancy Yoga
  • Yoga & Health Retreats – Bali & Australia
  • Week day & weekend classes available!

It’s not how far you get into the position.

It’s about moving to your own personal edge that makes the practice of Yoga

‘My deeper passion is to pass on this profound teaching of Yoga as a powerful self-healing process’

Annie O’Moon-Browning Naturopath & Yoga Instructor of 35 years.


Experience Bali healing wisdom in Vinyasa, Hatha& restorative Yoga classes

    • Increase inner & outer strength & flexibility
    • Balance your nervous & glandular systems
    • Enhance your mental clarity
    • Improve relaxation & sleep
    • Gain total presence & harmony
    • Access deep awareness of your whole being through unique consciousness based yoga practice
    • Learn the Mudra Pranala – Healing art based on energy movement transmitted by Balinese traditional healer – Tjokorda Rai