Losing Weight Is Not Always As Simple As Eating Less Or Exercising More!

Did you know that you may be overweight due to issues with your …

  • Thyroid
  • Hormones
  • Blood sugar sensitivity
  • Blood grouping
  • Kidney Toxicity
  • Food intolerance or allergies

It may NOT because you are ‘weak willed’ or food addicted! Has anyone ever told you this?!

60% of Australians, Americans & New Zealanders are overweight because no-one has diagnosed them properly!

There is no such thing as DIETING in your MHS weight loss program!

When you come to visit us we guarantee you the following plus more…

  • Scientific assessment all your health parameters to find out why you can’t lose weight. Including thyroid check, stress levels , hormone balance, sugar sensitivity, digestive inadequacy.
  • A ‘NO-DIET’ weight management program for you that is guaranteed to lose weight
  • Your customised ‘Food & Weight Management Diary’
  • After you are set up & losing weight, weekly 15 min support with Skype consultations until you meet your weight goal.
  • Graduation celebration once you are there!!


  • We will listen, coach, support & love you into achieving your weight loss goals … no matter how long that takes!

The Most Fun Way To Start Losing Weight!

Did you know that the easiest way to start losing weight & have heaps of fun is to go on our 2016 Health Detox Retreat in BALI?

Yep! Strange, but chilling out at our 2016 HEATH DETOX Bali Retreat, is guaranteed to kick start your weight loss! That’s where EVERYTHING is done for you! Not only is the food deliciously prepared for you, but you don’t really have to do anything! We get you moving every day to sweat it out. This increases your body’s metabolism so the weight starts to fall off. And you get to have daily massages, do yoga, swim, sleep or hang out with a really cool bunch of fun people & DETOX … whilst LOSING WEIGHT … whilst on VACATION!


Annie! I have battled the bulge for many years. With your easy scientific weight management I am keeping my weight off! This has never happened before with all of the diets I have tried. Feeling awesome.

GeorgiaMum. Lost 10 kg in 3 months

A big thank you Annie from all of us. Mum has finally lost those inches we needed for her to have her surgery. Our doctor is really happy with her & we’re all looking forward to skiing next year.

Janadaughter to Annette due for knee surgery

Not only have I lost weight but I have finally managed to stabilise to my ideal weight goal. The recipes are yummy (I never get bored with them), really easy to understand & the program scientific & simple to follow! I now am jumping over fences to go to the gym &am loving life thoroughly. My blood pressure is normal, my body feels great (no more joint pain), my skin is glowing & I feel great!! The kids can’t keep up with me!! Thanks heaps Annie!’

Jane38 year old Mum & P/T cashier