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What Is Preconception Health Care?



Want to conceive naturally?

Stay well throughout your pregnancy?

Birth a healthy happy full term baby?

PCHC is your way through all the infertility road blocks!

During the 1990’s, ‘The Foresight Study’, the Association for promotion of Preconception Health Care (PCHC) in UK, showed that preparing yourself for conception is vitally important to your success.

1,061 ‘infertile’ couples followed a specially designed program of natural health care, plant medicines and specific nutrients for the 16 weeks before conception. This led to a 79% conception rate and birth of a healthy baby within 2 years.

PCHC is TWICE as effective as IVF! 

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Your Commitment To Your Babies Health & Future!



  • You can increase your chances of conception by 79% following our Preconception Health Care program.
  • Just one night out on the town can lower your sperm count dramatically?
  • Our PCHC program will positively influence both your children’s health and your grandkids health!
  • PCHC creates optimum general and reproductive health for both parents.

Did you know that PCHC…

  • Produces a ‘super’ sperm and egg.
  • A strong conception.
  • A healthy pregnancy.
  • A great chance of a natural birth
  • And creates a healthy happy baby!

Did you know that Epigenetics is…?

  • The science behind all this?
  • It shows us how our conception genes are expressed in our body.
  • Its research has proven that PCHC creates a lifetime of vitality for the health of 2 generations of your children.
  • In a world that is increasingly toxic Epigenetics clearly demonstrates how important PCHC is to your conception.

Congratulations on making the PCHC choice for you and your baby’s health. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Best regards & many blessings for your new family

Annie O’Moon-Browning
Director: My Health Sanctuary


Before we met Annie we had been trying to conceive for almost 18 months. During that time we had 2 miscarriages. Meeting Annie not only filled us with confidence, but we followed her program & advice & fell pregnant about 6 weeks later. Thank you Annie for having such an impact on our lives

Simon & Amanda Bell Parents of Lily-Beth Bell

Thanks Annie for your professional support in helping us to conceive. We now have a healthy little baby boy. Without your encouragement & monthly consultations we never would have been able to do it!

God bless you!

James & Julieparents of 7 month old Jeremy.

PCHC benefits 3 generations of the offspring

When both of you commit to this 4+ months you are contributing to the health of not only your child but your grandchildren also. This is based on the science of Epigenetics and how the health of the woman and the man in the 4 months prior to Conception affects the health of 2 generations of off spring.

PCHC is based on the Science of Epigenetics

It allows for the presence of all the factors required for fertility and for the creation of a healthy foetus. It also enforces the absence of all factors detrimental to fertility. PCHC aims for optimum general and reproductive health of egg, sperm and the nurturing environment of the uterus.

The preconception period is a minimum of 4 months. The instant that the sperm and the ovum combine, an irreversible genetic code is formed for future development of your baby. The health of your ovum (egg) and sperm reflect the health / toxicity of the environment in which they grow.

Why 4+ months of PCHC

The 4 months is determined by the ‘maturity’ period of the ovum. This is a biological fact and not a ‘guess-timate’. We require a minimum of this time to ensure that you have the best possible outcome for a healthy conception & baby’s robust health.

Some couples take longer to conceive. (There are never any fully guaranteed time frames in PCHC). So the time for these couples depends on their joint past health history of infertility, general health and full commitment and application to their PCHC program.

Taking the time to produce a super sperm and a super ovum will allow for you to have a super conception!

The Woman

The egg (oocyte) development takes approximately 120 days to mature. During this time it is vulnerable to toxic exposure, stress and nutrient deficiency. A woman’s general health, well-being vitality and happiness all deeply affect her ability to conceive and carry her baby to full term. PCHC is essential for you to experience optimum health, the joy of a healthy strong conception and a healthy pregnancy

The Man

Sperm is one of the smallest cells in the human body. It is remarkably vulnerable to environmental stress and toxins. Sperm development takes over 80 days to maturity. Illness, toxicity, trauma, stress and poor nutrition will affect mature sperm regardless of a man’s health at the time of medical examination.

Male infertility can also be the result of abnormal semen parameters. Semen is affected by age, toxicity, oxidative damage to the sperm, radiation exposure, poor to low nutritional status, social toxins and life style choices.

Miscarriage rates have been shown (Fertility Study Karolina, Stockholm) to be linked to the health & morphology of the sperm. This study showed that 50% of all miscarriage were due to male DNA fragmentation rates and other fertility issues.

Do we both have to do PCHC?

Yes please! The health of both the sperm and the ovum is VITAL to your best possible outcome.

Your PCHC Program

Your PCHC program will include.

    • Diet and your current nutrient assessment
    • Lifestyle choices
    • Weight management
    • Environmental Toxicity
    • Heavy metal exposure
    • Endocrine disruptors
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Stress management

We will be investigating both male and female health issues including (if necessary):

    • Male and female hormones
    • Thyroid and full blood count tests
    • Fertility / Infertility history
    • Past conceptions and births
    • PCOS, Fibroids, endometriosis, Amenorrhoea
    • Testicular, sperm and semen health
    • Insulin resistance.
    • Health history
    • Current lifestyle choices and health issues
    • Physical assessments
    • General health screens
    • Fertility charting
    • Supporting natural conception
    • Genetic screening
    • Age related infertility
    • The aetiology and causes of miscarriage, premature birth and still birth.
    • Assisted reproductive technologies – IVF, AI & ICSI

We will be supporting your health via

    • Naturopathic, Nutritional, Herbal and Homeopathic prescribing
    • Stress management techniques
    • Fertility Yoga
    • Counselling of issues related to infertility
    • Environmental detoxification treatment strategies
    • Sex timing and Conception Strategies
    • Fertility Assessment – Subfertility, Primary, Secondary, Advanced
    • Female fertility charting
    • Ovulation testing
    • Your relationship and your family plan’s

How about when we are pregnant?

Looking after your health during your pregnancy is very important. Following on from your PCHC and conception of your baby we strongly advise that you continue regular health checks with us so that we can support your journey into pregnancy and birth. Monthly check ups, preferably attended by both of you, allows us to keep an eye on how you are going and ensures the best possible outcome for your pregnancy.

We offer you support during your pregnancy via

  • Naturopathic, Nutritional, Herbal & Homeopathic prescribing for healthy pregnancy
  • Stress management techniques
  • Pregnancy Yoga classes
  • Counselling of issues related to your pregnancy
  • Environmental detoxification treatment strategies
  • Your relationship & your family plan’s
  • Birthing planning
  • Breast feeding education & assistance
  • Parenting plans & commitments.

What’s my financial commitment?

We estimate that for 4 months of PCHC you will be spending about $8 per day per person inclusive of your Herbal and Nutritional products, your dietary changes, life style alterations, your study and time commitments.

Costs and Policies

This is often the amount that you would have spent on food, beverage & life style choices that are not allowed on PCHC programs

This is less than 1 cycle of IVF @ $3,500-$8000!

How many PCHC consultations will we require

Initially you will be attending our clinic (or phoning us through Messenger or WhatsApp) for 4, fortnightly consultations. This covers the time needed for the intensive research, development and implementation of your program

After this your consultations will be monthly until you conceive (and during your pregnancy). However many couples feel the need to have more closely spaced and regular appointments with us to ensure that they are on track with all aspects of their PCHC program

What we need from you.

PCHC requires much of our time, research and development for each couple who attends our clinic. To be able to assist you to the best possible outcome for conception and birth of your baby ask that

    • BOTH of you commit to your PCHC program.
    • That you keep all your appointments with us
    • That you notify us at least 24 hours ahead of your time if you need to change you time.
    • If something occurs to prevent you from driving to our clinic we can conduct your consultation through phone, messenger or WhatsApp.
    • You both attend every appointment.
    • Access to your Medical tests and screens if these have been done in advance of consultation time. (Please bring them with you or scan & email if you are using our ‘Virtual Therapist’** service)
    • Payment of all services and products at the time of your consultation.

Do you provide support outside Brisbane as well?

We have a Phone Consultation Service that ensures that you can consult us if you do not live in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. We will need your Natural Medicine friendly GP’s assistance for blood tests and can service all of your Consultation time needs plus have your product delivered to your door internationally.

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