CLEANSE & SHINE 3 Day Group Juice Cleanse

Why Juice Cleansing?

A juice cleanse is an amazingly effective way to remove built up toxins from within your body. When we juice feast we give the body a break from the process of digestion.

Your body then focus’s on rejuvenating, rebuilding & eliminating accumulated toxins which are stored in your tissues & cells. This thoroughly cleanses your entire body including your organs of detoxification – skin, liver, kidneys & intestinal system.

Living juices made fresh are packed with enzymes that aid digestion & enhance nutrient absorption. Vitamins phytochemicals & minerals are then absorbed directly into your cells increasing your energy, enhancing your immunity, balancing your hormones & gently cleansing internally.

Why juice cleanse in a group & not alone?

salad-dateIt’s way more fun!

You get optimal guidance & group support & ideas

Youescape your hectic life & cleanse your body under the support of professional Natural Health Experts.

Juice Feasting & Cleansing Guidelines

When you commit to your My Health Sanctuary 3 day juice cleanse, we recommend that you follow these simple guidelines to enhance our experience & maximise the healing & detox benefits your cleanse will provide.


To prepare your body & ease into the transition of your cleanse, we recommend preparing yourself for 3 days prior to your juice cleanse.

Eliminate as much as possible the following from your diet:

Alcohol, refined sugars, gluten, dairy

Caffeine Nicotine White Rice Meat

During this time we also recommend a minimum of 2 litres of water per day & increasing your intake of raw food, fruits, vegetables, broth, juices, green smoothies & herbal tea


Your cleanse contains green juices, ozone water, coco biotic & a super ‘shot’ per day. Start with a glass of water or green juice before your yoga class in the morning

In addition to the product we will be giving you to do your cleanse, you will need to have the following

    • 8 glasses of water per day during your cleanse. This helps to keep you hydrate as well as assisting the elimination of toxins.
    • Our personally prescribed herbal teas.
    • End your day with the last herbal tea or juice at least 2 hours before you go to bed.
    • Adequate rest during your cleanse. When sleeping your body will continue to eliminate toxins while healing & regenerating.
    • Take a rest during the day – a siesta to recharge your adrenals
    • Dry body scrubbing to release toxins via your skin
    • Colonics enemas
    • Oil pulling
    • Massage – try our yummy 90 minute detox massage!


    • For 7 days after … ease out of your cleanse!
    • Vegan or vegetarian
    • No animal flesh etc…
    • Small portions & meals
    • Primarily of raw fruit & vegetables as well as soups & salads
    • Green smoothies & juices are a great choice as well

After your CLEANSE & SHINE:

You have just flooded your body with healing goodness!

Expect to feel…

  • Improved digestion
  • Radiant complexion
  • Increased energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Weight loss
  • Lower blood cholesterol & blood pressure
  • Reduced physical pain

Why cold-Pressed?

Raw cold pressed juice ensures vital micronutrients are bio available & easily absorbed directly into the blood stream. These juices then enter your body in a pre-digested form taking very little energy to process. This new abundance of energy usually needed to digest & process cooked foods is now used to heal, cleanse & detox your body.

Your day juice cleanses gives you he kick start you need to achieve your optimal health & wellbeing. Whether your goal is to lose weight, enhance your recovery from disease or illness or simply to look & feel the best you have in years, you have taken the first step.

  • Step 1: Really commit to your juice cleans & start getting excited about the amazing blessings you are about to give your body.
  • Step 2: Keep an open mind. You may not have tasted juices or experienced cleansing or detoxing like you are about to. It’s a journey you won’t forget!
  • Step 3: Have fun, enjoy & share your secret with others


The Cleanse Package includes:

  • Group gathering the evening before your cleanse
  • 3 day juice feast
  • 3 yoga classes
  • 3 lectures about juice feasting & diet
  • Initial naturopathic health consultation
  • 3 fresh organic green juices
  • 1 ozone water
  • Daily pro& pre biotics
  • Daily wheat grass shot
  • Cleansing herbal teas
  • Kombucha tea
  • 1 x 30 min Deep tissue abdominal massage
  • 1 x Colon Hydrotherapy session
  • 1 Dosha balancing session

Your Investment in sensational health


Upgrade your juice fast with My Health Sanctuary services

Holistic Nutrition coaching

Find your way through the confusing maize of information about nutrition from the internet with a life changing experience understanding the best nutrition for your specific body type & needs. Discuss your full health history & any other health concerns including vegetarianism, veganism raw & foods.

60 min $120

Colon Hydrotherapy

1 session $107

Colonic with Naturopathic Consultation – $137

3 sessions $270

5 sessions $425

10 sessions $800

After your juice cleanse, back up your hard work with a series of Colonics to remove the mucoid plaque that has been loosened through your Juice Cleanse