7 to 28 day Digestion & Colon Cleansing Program

This 7 to 28 day Digestion Detox program is a deep effective intestinal cleansing and digestive rejuvenation commitment. It is highly effective in removing kilos of disease causing toxins, parasites and mucoid plaque. This powerful cleanse removes negative emotions and reduces excess weight.

The intestinal tract and digestive system serve as a hub for the entire body. All your organs, glands, heart, cells and even your brain depend on a well-functioning digestive system.

Renewed vitality, energy, libido and fertility are just some of the benefits from this amazing program!

If you suffer from the following this Detox program may assist your return to vibrant health

  • Digestion issues eg: Constipation, Diarrhoea, IBS, Intestinal parasites, Gas, Bloating etc…
  • Insomnia
  • Weight Management
  • Sugar, gluten, caffeine, nicotene& alcohol addiction
  • Infertility
  • Headaches
  • Menstrual problems
  • Low energy
  • Negative emotions
  • Chronic ill health of many kinds …

The 4 Steps To Overcoming Disease

There is no such thing as an incurable disease! The body has an incredible ability to heal itself.

        • First –  Positive thought and feelings expand our vitality building energy and spirit. This directly affects all aspects of our health.
        • Second – eating simple whole foods, at the right time for your body, gender and age all add years of great health to your life.
        • Third – removing congestion and toxins that contributes to disease is vital to your vibrancy and energy.
        • Fourth – supplying the body with the correct nutrients to overcome poor health and to support cellular function is essential for repair and growth of a healthy new ‘YOU’ 🙂

Many folk who come to us for optimum health and healing find that they need to cleanse their bodies and minds to achieve the amazing health results with increased vitality energy libido and productivity.

We support YOU to achieve this with your 7 to 28 day Digestion Detox program JUST FOR YOU to get your health fully back on track. 🙂

What happens on a 7 to 28 day Digestion Detox Program?

We will be following a carefully designed and scientifically proven program to release toxic waste from the general intestinal tract. You will be supporting liver, kidney, heart, adrenal and nervous system functioning as well as releasing kilos of toxic  waste from your Colon.

We support YOU to achieve this with your 7 to 28 day Digestion Detox program JUST FOR YOU to get your health fully back on track! We will also be giving you many research documents and references to understand the processes that your body will be going through.

All these will allow you to develop a greater understanding of the workings of your body and  how you can SELF-HEAL  from the health issues that are concerning you.

Can I still work whilst on detox?

You can do this cleanse and still go to work. We also encourage you to exercise during  this program. Yoga, Pilates, swimming, walking are all great ways to assist your body into optimum vitality and energy!

How does my detox work?

It’s simple!!

        • Call us to book a consultation time or email us via our Contact form
        • We send you our comprehensive health history form which you complete, scan and send back to us prior to your first appointment.
        • We spend your first consultation focusing on your current health issues and your primary health goals.
        • Your second consultation is the final assessment of your readiness to CLEANSE where we order your 7 to 28 day Herbal Cleanse Kit. You may also need your first Colonic at this consultation time.
        • Your third + consultations will include a Colonic and we will have your Detox kit ready for your collection.
    • Follow up consultations will be spaced weekly. These are usually encorporated into your colonics with us. Here you will be able to ask any questions that may be concerning you and we will be able to keep an eye on your progress.
    • We have a referral network of Colon Hydrotherapists to meet your needs. If you are consulting us from interstate, rural Australia or Internationally we can refer you to a trusted Colon Hydrotherapist in your area. Alternatively you may have your preferred Colonic Clinic in your country and we are always looking for great Natural Health partners globally.

Colonics during the Cleanse

If you are committing to a 28 day Cleanse, it is absolutely vital that you commit to a minimum of 4 Colonics during this cleanse. This dramatically reduces any cleansing reactions removing kilos of toxic waste. If you are committing to a 7 or 14 or 21 day Cleanse the numbers of Colonics is less.

        • Your first Colonic is taken in the prep week – the one prior to starting taking product
        • The next Colonics are to be taken at any time throughout your Cleanse.
        • Extra Colonics can also be taken – Please ask for our guidance in what  would you will need.


Your 7 to 28 day Digestive Detox Program : *

      • $130 – 50 min Consultation
    • $180 – 90 min Consultation
      * All Supplements, Nutritional Products, Homeopathic Medicines or any other Natural Medicines not included in above cost.

Colon Hydrotherapy

    • $ 120 – Initial Colonic – 60 minutes
    • $ 157 – Colonic plus 15 min Naturopathic Consultation – 75 Minutes
    • $ 270 – 3 x 1 hour Colonics ($90 per session)
    • $425 – 5 x 1 hour Colonics ($85 per session)
    • $800 – 10 x 1 hour Colonics ($80 per session)

      (All above packages include a Bonus $30 Deep Tissue Massage with each Colonic)


My history with Annie was triggered due to major digestion problems which stopped me from eating any fat/oil. Having undertaken a few liver/gallbladder cleanses which rectified the criticality of my problem, I chose to do the 28 day cleanse to try and remove any mucoid plague from around my digestive duct areas, with a view to minimising the risk of the problem recurring.

In March 2018 I began the 28 day challenge with Annie. I started the program weighing approximately 73 kilos.

My challenges: I am quite a high protein reliant person and enjoy a bit of roast chicken, so for me going vegan for 28 days initially felt like a difficulty. However, as I progressed through the weeks I found it easier to deal with that. By the time I got to week 3, on one meal a day, I was coping with that food allowance. However I was quite moody, probably in anticipation of the last/hardest week. In addition, I needed to adjust my product consumption to correctly produce the required eliminations.

After this took affect I was feeling much better. I also found the timing of having to take product difficult to master initially. When you are a busy Mum of two, and in addition juggling various projects, this timing was sometimes messed up.

Today I am on day 25, so am in the last week with 3 more days to go. This week is the Power stage week, where you can achieve maximum cleansing by avoiding food and just having product and water. I thought this would be the worst week, but strangely I am actually finding this week the easiest! Perhaps this is because having had no food in my mouth, my brain is not feeling the temptation to chew/consume. I am actually not hungry (the fibre product probably achieves this), and if I start to feel a little tired or low, then I drink an organic coconut water drink. This tends to lift me up and let me carry on.

This morning the scales said I weighted 64.9 kilos, so to date I have lost just over 8 kilos. I suspect I will lose a couple more before day 28.

All in all, this cleanse has been very productive. If anyone feels they really need to enable their immune system to be as efficient as possible to minimise their risk of future chronic disease, it is a good choice, however it is not for the faint hearted. But as Annie says, “if I can do it, you can do it”.

Kerry B– Administrator

Just wanted to express my gratitude for the assistance your Colonic hydrotherapy has given me with two chronic conditions –firstly a lifetime of chronic constipation (made worse since child birth) and secondly skin rashes which seemed to have kicked in after a period of some months of stress.

After the colonics I have found that the constipation & rashes have improved greatly – I was finding I would not go for 4-5days at a time at its worst and now I am pretty much every day and a healthy condition. Skin rashes on my palms have improved significantly to the point where they have actually gone awayfor a period and are much less fierce + a rash on the top of my foot has almost disappeared! I have had all rashes constantlyfor over a year.

The experience of having a colonic is very gentle and is not in any way distressing or uncomfortable.

Ainsley – Managing Director

I had suffered from constipation, massive bloating and wind for 12 months. It was really ruining my quality of life not to mention the worry of why it was happening to me after a life time of being able to eat anything with no side affects.

Since 2017 I have been to 2 doctors, a Naturopath, dietician and had blood tests done and a CT scan with no results and no answers, I looked for something else that might help.

I discovered Annie on the internet in Jan 2019 and I am so glad I did. Within my initial consultation she diagnosed my problem. She then worked out a treatment plan over several weeks involving Colonic irrigation, change of diet and taking specially made herbs tailored for my needs and some natural products to assist with the rebuilding of my stomach.

I found Annie to be professional and made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions. It was refreshing to see a practitioner who, for lack of a better phrase, knows what she’s on about!

Thank you Annie, I feel so much better and have you to thank.

Kelli – Chermside

Sharing my personal journey towards quality inner health with Annie has been a comforting and supportive journey / partnership.

She brings strong qualities of empathy, intuition and concern to her professional dealings with clients.

I have valued the supportive, communicative and professional partnership we have developed to seek my overall physical, and spiritual, wellbeing.

Annie thoughtfully provides a human and physical environment that supports optimum opportunities for the enrichment of my personal wellbeing

Faye Clark – Systems Manager

Since seeing Annie my life has completely changed, well actually its just gone back to what it was which was a distant memory and one I thought I would never feel again. For months I was feeling horrendous, symptoms like bloating, diahorrea, lethargy, depressed mood, shortness of breath and just a general feeling of ill health.

I had been to several doctors about my symptoms and they all just dismissed it as stress, I new there was something wrong so I came to Annie to get a second (or eighth) opinion! After coming to Annie for a Colonic she realized my symptoms and she diagnosed me with Coeliac disease which no doctor had even mentioned, within days of being on a Gluten free diet my symptoms just disappeared, I am back to my old self and life is worth living again!

I continue to get Colonics from Annie as they are so beneficial for keeping my stomach in good shape and am working to rebuilding my small intestinal lining. Annie has been amazing in the process and am so grateful for her help and support.

Danni – student

Video Testimonials

Orthobionomist Eileen Jeboult completed our My Health Sanctuary 28 Day cleanse with great results.

Emma Creed, Sound Healer, completed her 28 day cleanse feeling much more energy. Well done Emma!

Simon Bell, Entrepeneur, Business coach & Trainer, completed his 28 day cleanse with My Health Sanctuary with extra motivation & energy. Congrats Simon on another job well done!

Trish on Day 1 of her cleanse. The journey begins for a woman who loves meat a vegan diet is quiet a challenge!

Nathans cleanse was carried out during his normal working life. enjoy his testimonials.

Nathans energy is great as he enters into week 3 of his 28 day cleanse. He is enjoying his vegan diet. Feeling great!

Lisa started & completed her 28 day cleanse during an intensive period of tertiary study. Aside from some fatigue she sailed through the rough patches to achieve an amazing result! Enjoy her journey!

On day 11 of her 28 day cleanse Lisa’s feels balanced & harmonious … very positive result so far

This 28 day cleanse often is the most challenging during the third week. Lisa’s testimonial for day 19 shows how COLONICS are essential for the optimum result for your 28 day cleanse

Lisa’s journey has been ‘incredible’. In this video she has 3 days to go to complete her 28 day cleanse, & is looking forward to keeping a detox as part of her lifestyle now

A radiant Lisa in her post cleanse week. Totally stoked with her mental clarity, loss of weight & happiness. She cant wait to do it again in 12 months!

Georgia , business woman & mother, extended her 28 day Cleanse for another 7 days! An amazing journey of health & vitality for this remarkable woman! Well done Georgia. You’re a true inspiration!!

Georgias real life Mucoid Plaque! BEWARE! This could gross you out!! Mucoid plaque is a thick black sticky toxic product that lines the wall of the large Colon. It contains disease forming bacteria & prevents the absorption of your nutrients. During the 28 Day My Health Sanctuary Cleanse this plaque is eliminated by all participants cleansing their bodies of kilos of harmful toxic waste.

Georgia’s day 23. Energy is on the upper for her as she moves through the 4th & power phase of the 28 day cleanse.

Georgia Day 26 of 35 day cleanse. More amazing results for Georgia as the days go by!

On Day 28 Georgia decides to continue her cleansing for another week. The health benefits she is feeling are so positive she is motivated to take her cleanse to another level!

Jono talks about his health from really serious problems to great health with treatment at My Health Sanctuary, Brisbane. He was treated with Detox and Colon Hydrotherapy Programs, and started feeling better within 15 days. Check his videos below:

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