Raw Food & Our Senior Citizen

My heart always skips a beat when I see our senior citizens with their super market trolleys filled with packaged processed denatured foods. I see their low energy, sluggishness & sadness & I always want to go up to them & talk about the benefits of introducing even a little fresh raw food into their diets. How great they would feel if their lives were changed just a little in this way!

But often folk believe that we need more protein than a raw food  diet can provide.This concern is easily addressed by the daily consumption of some of the Raw ‘Super’ foods.

‘Super’ protein seems to be more easily assimilated….

‘Super’ protein seems to be more easily assimilated & therefore more bioavailable or absorbed by our digestion! EG: Spirulina contains 61-75% protein (the highest concentration of protein found in any food!

Bee pollen has 25% protein (that’s gram for gram 5-7x the protein found in eggs meat or cheese!!

AFA algae contain 60% protein. (this super food contains 18 amino acids in a highly assimilable glycoprotein & amino acid peptide form instead of the lipoproteinform in animal product)

The consumption of raw foods actually INCREASES your energy. The trick is to eat a little often!!! The cleansing refreshing action of raw food lessens the need for your body to expend energy in digestion. This energy is naturally then available to you for all other activities.


Committing  to a detox program with Colon Hydrotherapy & eating lots of raw food is vital in increasing your vitality, improving your performance & if you are unwell assisting your return to vibrant health. Having regular Colonics, Green Smoothies & Raw Food gives you that unbeatable ‘WOW’  factor & allows for natural vitality to take the place of ill health!!! 

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