So you are planning to conceive your new baby. Of starting a family. Or of taking the step to approach Assisted Fertilisation like the IVF. In the preparation for new life, in Preconception Care, the physical care of your pre pregnant body is vital & brings with it many positive and important issues. I have spoken to peoples from different cultures all over the world, about what they believe is the deciding factor in conception.

I have some wonderful stories of how (in the Solomon Islands) if a man wears a leaf from a certain bush and if this leaf is woven in a special way, then the woman of his heart will find him irresistible and conceive the strongest warrior of the tribe! Other cultures (Nepal) believe that the day of conception brings about a male or female child and that you are assured your choice by careful planning of your lovemaking! Others (German) believe that the health of the foetus is directly related to the virility of the man and that if your man has worn his boots all day in the fields…that your baby will be healthy and strong. Hence the old saying ladies, of “getting a man’s boots under your bed!”

I love these stories as it speaks to me of the desire of our species to procreate and of the love of all people of babies and of the act that creates them!

However, physical well being of the woman and the man in the 3 months prior to conception is undoubtedly paramount. Preconception Care is vital! For a healthy happy conception, pregnancy & birth of a strong baby your hormonal balance and nutritional status (for both Mum & Dad-to be) needs careful assessment. 

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