Pre Conception Care – The Metaphysical Approach

Many people have asked me what I believe to be the most important element of Pre-Conception Care. The concerns that couples have around being able to conceive a healthy happy baby & to keep her there full term is of great concern for many folk.

I have looked at the varied life situations that can contribute to infertility and what brings couples to them. What I believe to be the truest answer to this question is to nourish and care for your own body, for that of your partner and for the precious relationship that you have. This will increase your fertility & help you to be successful with the conception & birth of your new baby. And it is this union which is destined to bring forth a new life and to invite a soul to return to be your child that will benefit.

Our Holistic Fertility Retreat for Couples in Ubud, Bali offers you the opportunity to experience healing in your relationship in a beautiful deep supportive fun space.

Metaphysically I believe that in nourishing each other, you have a far greater possibility of a healthy conception success. To become strong & very fertile. This will also support all the endeavours of parenting. For it is from a strong and caring union, that encourages communication, nurturance, tolerance, patience and acceptance that we discover the essential basis for personal growth and responsibility towards any other human being. Be that ourselves, our partners or our children.

Most of us are spiritually ordained to share the responsibility of growing a child, a new life, with another person. In deepening our understanding of this union and in caring for all its idiosyncrasies, weaknesses and strengths we are guaranteed a good chance of success.

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