On deciding to start a family, many couples believe that they will conceive immediately. That previous control over conception (via the Pill ) will quickly change to super fertility for the gal once she stops taking the Pill. And that the man is ready willing & able & is also fertile!

However as the months go by with no bun in the oven, the joy & anticipation of planning to conceive  can slowly become the journey with infertility filled with emotion, heart break & disappointment. Increasingly younger happily committed couples are finding difficulty in conceiving, in keeping bubba on board &  birthing her naturally. Often, the woman will blame herself. But the incidence of male infertility is increasing alarmingly.

Preconception Care for the man will ascertain his sperm count and viability. This is essential for happy positive conception. Also to the successful longevity of the pregnancy & again the birth of a happy healthy baby. Studies are now showing that sperm are extremely susceptible to oxidative stress. So if your man is flying long-haul or nationally regularly, eating too much KFC & MacDonalds, is overweight or indulging in too many TV dinners, it is likely that he is experiencing to high levels of stress & his sperm will be adversely affected. Looking after your man’s general health will go a long way to supporting the start of your new family. But it is important to get everything checked.

Abnormal sperm will reduce fertilisation potential so as a part of Preconception Care, get a sperm analysis . This will measure many parameters of your man’s fertility& help you both to see who is contributing most to your infertility. Even if you are healthy & active it is important for your man to have this test as poor sperm health with low count, low motility & poor quality can still be present obviously affecting your chances of healthy conception

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