Women since time immemorial have been blamed for the inability to conceive. This is actually only half of the case! The other 50% is the man’s responsibility! However, a harmonious hormonal balance for the woman is essential to conception.

A carefully structured Preconception Program will induce a state of  harmonious hormonal balance for the woman. This is essential to maintaining fetal growth and development. If you are out of hormonal balance or if you have been on the oral contraceptive pill, your chances of immediate conception can be reduced. Temporary infertility may be on your cards.

In the 3 months prior to your desired conception it is recommended that you enter into a Program to enhance your fertility. Here you will need to carefully monitor your diet, your stress levels, your ovulation and your overall well being. Keeping fit and supple are all bonuses in producing a healthy ovum.

Taking time out to look after yourself to rest & enjoy your relationship & to deal with its issues goes a long way to creating a positive environment in your heart soul & body for your new baby

As your body is about to embark upon the 24 hour job that is needed to grow your baby, an appropriate supplement regime, suited to your body type and health history is strongly recommended. For example, if you are a blond, blue-eyed Anglo Celtic woman you will definitely need a calcium and sodium supplement

Committing to an individualised program of Herbal and Homoeopathic hormonal balancing, cleansing and building will go a long way to a healthy morning-sickness free pregnancy, serene lactation and long term vitally for yourself & your baby.

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