It is always advisable to get your hormonal balance assessed prior to embarking on the journey to Motherhood! Bearing in mind that the average time for conception (even in the healthiest condition) is 12 months, you really do have time to relax and enjoy yourselves before becoming concerned.

For the long-term planners of parenting I highly recommend that you both take a de-toxification program under the guidance of a trained practitioner. This will really strengthen your body and balance your hormones maximising fertility.

For those couples experiencing long-term fertility issues there are some excellent estrogenic or progestogenic herbs (depending on the individual woman’s hormone balance) that can be prescribed to rectify this health issue. Optimal fertility can be restored with good success as long as there are no medical problems. Each couple is different and it is always advisable to seek the assistance of a fully qualified Natural Health Care Practitioner.

Finally I would like to commend any couple for the steps taken with your health prior to conception. Every positive health decision you make will be guaranteed to support your baby, your bodies and your long term overall health, happiness and well-being.

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