Pre Conception Care – Your Relationship

Natural Preconception care is more than the use of the well prescribed herbal preparation & judiciously appointed nutrients. Or the use of Acupuncture Fertility methods. It is so much more about the intimate time spent alone together in sharing your thoughts and feelings and in relating to the parenting journey that you are about to embark upon. Revealing your fears, hopes, desires and dreams all work towards building energy that is conducive to the act of physical procreation &  the conception of your new baby!

Nourishing each other in true communication of needs, wants and desires are almost more important than the physical supports (that I will be discussing a little further down the track) that we can use to prepare ourselves for physical conception.

This is the time to allow and invite yourself and your partner into true intimacy and exposure of who you are and what you believe in. Each pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, birth and infant is different. In spiritually preparing yourself before the actually physical conception, you are affirming to life, in its deepest state, that you are truly ready to become a Mum or Dad (again)!

Many couples plan this time to spend away from their normal routine and include meditations, massaging each other, writing notes and stories, couple yoga, bathing, playing, dancing and making love. Opening their hearts to new possibilities and to learning more deeply about each other.

This type of Preconception Care is so important to uncovering issues that need to be dealt with prior to embarking into parenthood. The stressors of a new baby in your life can often cause unnecessary conflict, which if dealt with prior to conception will make for a loving family home….even with the sleeplessness, the tiredness & all the concerns of early parenting. 

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