Our Magnificent and Beautiful Breasts

I believe the breasts are truly one of the greatest marvels of nature. Not only do they bestow on us our femininity and womanliness but they also are intriguing, tantalising, fascinating, seductive, nurturing and alluring. They come in all shapes and sizes and are not only an expression of our beauty as women but also of our sensuality, sexuality, fertility and nurturance. Breasts feed and sustain new life. No other organ apart from the uterus experiences changes as dramatic in size, shape and function as the breast does during puberty, pregnancy, lactation & menopause.

What Can Go Wrong With Our Breasts?

During our periods our breasts can become lumpy, swollen, painful, tender & full of fluid. In pregnancy & during breast feeding we can have blocked ducts & mastitis a reddening painful swelling of the breast & nipple.

At menopause we can suffer pain, swelling, loss of tone & breast cancer!

What Causes Changes in a Woman’s Breasts?

Mostly hormones ~ especially artificial ones ~ & stress!

What Are Hormone Disruptors & How Do They Affect My Breasts?

Hormone disruptors come in many forms like chemicals, hormone-laden meats and dairy products e.g. cage chickens, chemical laced junk foods, non natural household product & many more. In the entire history of human civilization there has never been such dangerous levels of chemicals in our foods, environment and in our bodies. Exposure to toxic chemicals that possess unintended hormonal actions has resulted in anatomic, physiologic, reproductive, carcinogenic and behavioral abnormalities to all forms of life on this planet. Toxic chemicals have been undeniably proven to contribute to the escalating issue of cancer in our communities.

Stay tuned for my next article on how chemicals affect your breasts & your unborn baby! And check out our website for how to balance your hormones with a Womens Hormone Program

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