Our Hormones & The Pill (OCP)

Besides controlling sexual development, function and fertility, hormones control growth and muscle building, regulate the digestive system, blood sugar levels and blood pressure and fluid balance. Hormone also holds the key to subjective feelings and changes in blood chemistry associated with stress. Imbalanced hormones not only create a myriad of health problems and diseases but also undermine self-esteem, a sense of well-being, emotional balance and mental acuity.

By taking The Pill you are tampering with your most sensitive physiological and psychological process. By interfering with these processes many profound changes can be initiated in your body. Some are long term and can result in serious health problems such as breast cancer. For the best part of 3 decades it has been known that sex hormones cause cancer in hormone dependent tissues like the breast.

Teenagers And The Pill (OCP)
Teenagers are particularly vulnerable to potent artificial steroid drugs contained in the OCP. The breast tissue of a young woman is still developing and is particularly sensitive to over stimulation from synthetic oestrogens In one-landmark study researchers found that women who took the Pill before the age of 20 were diagnosed with breast cancers with a much worse prognosis than women with breast cancer who took the Pill at later age or who had never taken the Pill.

IN 1989 The British Medical Journal reported that women who used the Pill before the age of 25 increased the relative risk of breast cancer by 50% and for women who used it for more that 6 consecutive years raised their risk by 320%

Instead of relying on the Pill to regulate problem periods and associated problems, girls would be much better off to correct the problem at its source. Improve diet; nutritional supplements, exercise and attending to emotional stresses are all important in controlling young women’s hormonal problems. 

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