Natural sleeping remedies

In Australia the average hours of sleep per night in 2011 is about 1.5 hours less than in the 1950’s. This means that our nerves are on alert approx 547 hours more per year than the post war generation.

We have more stress, more anxiety, more stimulation & less good quality sleep! We drink more coffee, dine out more regularly & with the development of technology watch TV or work on our computers late into night. This means that our central nervous system is on alert for longer & more intensely than our parents & grand parents. This all has the potential to disrupt our sleeping habits preventing healthy sleep

So the need to find natural sleeping remedies so as to not step onto the tread mill of drug induced sleep is on the rise in the western world.

Some of my favorite & easily acquired herbal remedies for sleep include herbal teas.

Chamomile tea just before bed. Use the whole flower variety, bought from a Health Food store as it is much stronger & sleep inducing than the tea bags.

Valerian tea sipped just before bed is a soothing sedative to the entire central nervous system.

Hops from a home brewer can be bagged up into small muslin bags & placed under your pillow. This is a truly effective natural solution for insomnia guaranteed to send you to a deep & refreshing sleep.

Lavender Oil bath or an essential oil burner with pure lavender oil in it will calm & soothe your nerves sending you off to a deeper more natural sleep.

Avoid too much coffee late at night & make sure you have you magnesium rich dark green leafy veggies for dinner

But ask yourself, how much time am I giving to myself to learn to relax & switch off? Learning deep meditation & calming visualization just before lights out is by often the best guarantee of a healthy sleep .

So enjoy your natural sleeping remedies & wherever possible avoid addictive sleep medication.

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