Natural Breast Care

Our Magnificent and Beautiful Breasts

I believe the breasts are truly one of the greatest marvels of nature. Not only do they bestow on us our femininity and womanliness but they also are intriguing, tantalizing, fascinating, seductive, nurturing and alluring. They come in all shapes and sizes and are not only an expression of our beauty as women but also of our sensuality, sexuality, fertility and nurturance. Breasts feed and sustain new life. No other organ apart from the uterus experiences changes as dramatic in size, shape and function as the breast does during puberty, pregnancy, lactation & menopause.

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What Can Go Wrong With Our Breasts?

During our periods our breasts can become lumpy, swollen, painful, tender & full of fluid. In pregnancy & during breast feeding we can have blocked ducts & mastitis a reddening painful swelling of the breast & nipple.
At menopause we can suffer pain, swelling, loss of tone & breast cancer!

What Causes Changes in a Woman’s Breasts

Mostly hormones ~ especially artificial ones ~ & stress!

What Are Hormone Disruptors & How Do They Affect My Breasts?

Hormone disruptors come in many forms like chemicals, hormone-laden meats and dairy products e.g. cage chickens, chemical laced junk foods, non natural household product & many more. In the entire history of human civilization there has never been such dangerous levels of chemicals in our foods, environment and in our bodies. Exposure to toxic chemicals that possess unintended hormonal actions has resulted in anatomic, physiologic, reproductive, carcinogenic and behavioral abnormalities to all forms of life on this planet. Toxic chemicals have been undeniably proven to contribute to the escalating issue of cancer in our communities.

How Do Chemicals Affect My Breasts & My Unborn Baby?

Synthetic chemical compounds are notorious for accumulating in fatty tissue. These chemicals can be passed through the placenta into the unborn fetus accumulating in the breast milk. A baby’s body & delicate immune system can be profoundly affected by these harmful toxins. And if they are not eliminated from the lymphatic system of the breasts they can collect in the ducts of the breasts causing potential sites for cancerous lumps to grow.

What Are Trans Fats & How Do They Affect My Hormones?

‘It’s why your piecrust is so flaky and why Ritz biscuits stay crisp’ Trans-fats are formed when oil is hydrogenated. Hydrogenating allows the fat/oil to stay solid at room temperature. Trans-fat is essentially ‘shortening’ or ‘margarine’. The American Institute of Medicine has warned that no level of trans-fat is safe to consume. Trans fat has been shown to cause hormone disruption, heart disease, cancer and insulin resistance. It acts like a plastic floating around your blood stream!

Foods that have many trans-fat include most fast food, commercially baked foods, chips and crackers, spreads sauces and mixes. Also some breakfast cereals and energy bars, tortillas, fish sticks, microwave popcorn, frozen foods and pizzas contain tran-fats

The Estrogen Connection, what’s this?

There is a direct connection between estrogen and breast cancer. In 1940 around the time that estrogenic chemicals were first appearing on the market & before the advent of the Pill & HRT, in the USA a woman’s lifetime risk of breast cancer was 1 in 20. Now it is 1 in 8. Estrogen is a powerful hormone that has many vital functions in the body including the initiation and promotion of cell growth.

A woman’s body that is continuously exposed to high amounts of synthetic estrogen, e.g.: the use of oral contraceptives & HRT is sowing the seeds of potential breast cancer. Synthetic estrogens & progesterone found in the PILL & HRT have been listed as known human carcinogens.

Estrogen Dominance. Is This ‘Estrogen Out Of Control’?

Balance of hormones is always the key to a properly functioning hormonal system. There is global issue of women experiencing deficient or excessive estrogen level with concurrent progesterone imbalance. Even women with low estrogen can have estrogen dominant symptoms if she makes low levels of progesterone.

For the last 2 decades research into the issue of Estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency has shown in female problems such as painful periods, PMS, bloating, mood swings, fibroids, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), cancer & many other symptoms.

How Does the Pill (OCP), HRT and Other Hormonal Drugs Affect My Hormone Imbalance?

When there are issues of hormonal imbalance the medical solution is to “Go on the PILL”
With 4 decades of prescribing The Pill and the well-documented evidence of the side effects of the OCP, doctors are still inadequate in their warning of woman of the potential and serious problems associated with taking the Pill. Hormones not only direct and determine physiological processes but also influence emotional and psychological states,

Besides controlling sexual development, function and fertility, hormones control growth and muscle building, regulate the digestive system, blood sugar levels and blood pressure and fluid balance. Hormone also holds the key to subjective feelings and changes in blood chemistry associated with stress. Hormonal problems not only create a myriad of health problems and diseases but also undermine self-esteem, a sense of well-being, emotional balance and mental acuity.

By taking The Pill you are tampering with a woman’s most sensitive physiological and psychological process. By interfering with these processes many profound changes can be initiated in a woman’s body. Some are long term and can result in serious health problems such as breast cancer. For the best part of 3 decades it has been known that sex hormones cause cancer in hormone dependent tissues like the breast.

Teenagers And The Pill (OCP)

Teenagers are particularly vulnerable to potent artificial steroid drugs contained in the OCP. The breast tissue of a young woman is still developing and is particularly sensitive to over stimulation from synthetic estrogens. In one-landmark study researchers found that women who took the Pill before the age of 20 were diagnosed with breast cancers with a much worse prognosis than women with breast cancer who took the Pill at later age or who had never taken the Pill.

IN 1989 The British Medical Journal reported that women who used the Pill before the age of 25 increased the relative risk of breast cancer by 50% and for women who used it for more that 6 consecutive years raised their risk by 320%

Instead of relying on the Pill to regulate problem periods and associated problems, girls would be much better off to correct the problem at its source. Improve diet; nutritional supplements, exercise and attending to emotional stresses are all important in controlling young women’s hormonal problems.

What is Post-Pill Infertility?

Post Pill infertility is a well-recorded medical fact.
Dr Gary Burger in “ The couples Guide to Infertility” reports that Pill users after they come off the Pill nay not ovulate or menstruate due to the disrupting affects of the Pill on the natural rhythmic flow of hormones from the hypothalamus to the pituitary to the ovaries. The Pill may also cause damage to the glands that produce the kind of cervical mucous that is necessary for fertilization to occur.

New Side Effects of the OCP.

The American Journal of Epidemiology recently reported that Pill users have increased risk of inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease. The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 2002 reported that in a study people suffering liver disease 83% of the women in the study were users of the Pill.

The following are a list of many vitamin and mineral imbalances caused by the Pill.

  • Vit A – levels are increased on the Pill
  • Vit B – deficiencies are recorded.
  • Vit B2 – The bodies requirement are raised.
  • Vit B6 Depletion is mild to severe
  • Folic Acid – Levels are reduced.
  • Vit B12 – Levels are lowered.
  • Vit C – Levels are reduced by 30%.
  • Vit E – The need for vitamin E is increased.
  • Vit K – Levels are higher.
  • Taurine – Reduces levels of amino acids necessary for the healthy function of the thyroid gland.
  • Copper – Absorption is increased.
  • Magnesium – lowers levels,
  • Selenium – Lowers levels.
  • Zinc – Lowers levels significantly.
  • Prostaglandins – Lowers levels of certain prostaglandin’s These are normally made from essential fatty acids using zinc as a catalyst and decrease tendencies to clot formation.
  • Blood Lipids – low-density lipids are increased.

Is There A Gene Connection In Breast Cancer?

Genes are the building blocks in life. Life’s blueprint.

In 1994 the discovery of a breast-ovarian cancer susceptibility gene, known as BRCA1 (Breast Cancer-1) led to further research and the discovery of other breast susceptibility genes BRCA2 and BRCA3. The BRCA1 is present in everyone. When it functions normally it is thought to suppress the growth of cancerous cells in the breast. However when it is mutated the altered gene allows uncontrolled cell growth, which is breast/ovarian cancer.

This discovery caused many problems including the issue of voluntary prophylactic mastectomy. The truth of the issue here is that true hereditary breast cancers according to the American Cancer Society are only 5% of all breast cancers. Much of the beast cancer epidemic is due to the increasing exposure of women to radiation, chemical mimicking estrogens, chemicals and pathogenic factors. 95% of women do not have the breast cancer gene mutation.

There is a lot of controversy over the BRCA1 gene. The University of UTAH did research into this gene in a Mormon community in southwest UTAH. This group of people had a generational history o breast cancer.
The study was under scrutiny as these people were subjected to the fallout form nuclear testing in the area. A total of 26 above ground tests and 11 underground detonations occurred in 1951 and 1980.

The Mormons were tested for cancer and there existed an increased incidence of cancer in all age groups in fact 61% in all age groups. By 1996, when the blood collection was collected for the gene identification study, 45 years of radiation exposure had passed. This is plenty of time for radiation exposure to have caused significant gene damage.

From these studies it was impossible to tell if the BRCA1 gene had ever been present prior to the testing.
Did the Utah clan of “One-breasted” women suffer genetic damage form radiation or were there hormone-disrupting chemicals that commented their food, fish ad livestock?

The tests are still under question. What remains is a fear in women’s heart that if they carry this gene they are automatically up for breast cancer and at this stage this cannot and has not bee substantiated. For the overwhelming majority of women the blame for breast cancer needs to be placed elsewhere.


[tab title=”8 Steps To Natural Breast Care”]

8 Steps to Natural Breast Care

1] Increase Progesterone Levels.

The use of natural progesterone is the safest way to do this e.g.:  Wild Yam. Progestin is different in that it is synthetically produced progesterone like compounds that do not exist in nature. The national Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the World Health Organization as carcinogenic have listed progestin’s.

2] Maca.
Maca is effective as it promotes the ovaries and the other glands to produce the needed hormones.

3] Balancing Blood Sugar.
What we eat directly affects and influences our blood sugar levels. A high glycemic index food raises blood sugar rapidly and a low glycemic index raises blood sugar slowly. Hormones released in response to the food that we eat control our blood sugar. High insulin levels will increase estrogens dominance

4] Exercise.
Exercise produces endorphins the body’s natural HIGH mechanism. Exercise alleviates moodiness and depression and a 30-minute workout daily brings s much relief as a natural anti depressant.

5] Water.
Dr Batmanchelidj in “your Body’s Many Cries for Water” states that dehydration through inadequate consumption of water causes the breast to secrete a hormone called prolactin, which at times can cause the breast to form cancerous tissue.
Water also flushes the liver, kidneys and the breast, the biological role of the breast is as a fluid secreting organ. If we are dehydrated the breast is not flushed of its natural waste products.
Inadequate amounts of water can cause a build up of toxins in the body generally lowering vitality and preventing the lymphatic fluids systemically in the body (the breasts are full of lymph nodes, as any woman with PMS will attest to!) from being cleansed.

6] Detoxification.
Any health issues with your breasts will be greatly assisted by undertaking a Natural Hormonal Detoxification Program. The liver processes a large percentage of female hormones. If it is congested or sluggish it will not be able to purify your blood stream. Thus your hormones will not be processed and the blood will not be detoxified effectively. Liver and gall bladder de-toxification can help enormously with lumpy, painful, fluid filled breasts.

7] Bra’s
A Swedish study has shown a strong correlation between breast cancers and under wire bras and a 29% decrease in breast cancer when women went without this garment or wore bra’s that were not under wired. Women who went without a bra also showed a lower risk of breast cancer as a group.
Also 90% sufferers with fibrocystic breast improved when they quit wearing bras. Wearing camisoles or tanks tops also considerably reduces the pain with women who have swollen and fluid filled breasts.

8] The Peaceful Heart
Last but not least! Stress is one of the greatest enemies to vibrant health & energy. Fostering inner peace in whatever way you can is one of the hall marks of good breast health and a balanced hormonal system


[tab title=”Looking After Your Breasts and Self Breast Examination”]

Looking After Your Breasts and Self Breast Examination

Early detection of breast lumps is vital to the health of the breast and to general overall health.
Breast tissue constantly changes according to the menstrual cycle.



Stand in front of them mirror with your breast exposed.
Visually examine your breast and note any changes.
Does one breast look any different to the other?
Note skin and nipple changes or discharge.
Inspect your breast in 4 steps a] Arms at the sides.
b] Arms overhead.
c] Hands on your hips pressing firmly to flex your chest muscles.
d] Bending forward.


a] Lying down place a pillow under your right shoulder.
Place your right hand under your head.
Using the first two/three finger pads of your opposite hand begin to palpate your breast.
Start at the nipple and work your way around the breast expanding the circle outwards and including the under arm area.
Use 3 different kinds of strokes. Light medium and firm over each area of the breast. The deeper stoke is done by pressing deeper into towards the rib cage.
b] Standing up (this can be done under the shower) raise your right arm and with soapy or fingers oiled with almond oil check both breasts as you have done lying down.


In a relaxed state allow your mind scan the inside of your breasts. Is there any pain, sensation, anything different or unusual? Mentally explore your breasts for whatever images you can experience, sensations colours, and temperatures. Become totally familiar with your breasts for an inner perspective.

Breast Massage – The Natural Alternative.

Our breasts are full of lymph nodes and tubes that carry white blood cells called lymphocytes.
Doing gentle lymphatic massage around the breast area is vital to ensure that the breasts are drained on a regular basis.

What Are The Benefits Of Self Breast Massage?

  • It’s an excellent way to ensure breast health throughout a woman’s life.
  • It allows for the waste product in the lymphatic fluid to be discharged fully.
  • It allows clean and vital blood to flood the area.
  • It stimulates the entire endocrine system via working on the energy meridians of the body. Thus providing the entire system with a charge up!
  • It balances our delicate female hormones.
  • It REALLY helps with PMS, mood swings, menstrual cycle breast tenderness, pain, cysts and fluid retention, menstrual irregularities all will be affected positively by regular breast massage.
  • It keeps us in contact with our breasts. The strokes of the massage allow us to check for lumps accessing early detection.



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