My life has completely changed

Since seeing Annie my life has completely changed, well actually its just gone back to what it was which was a distant memory and one I thought I would never feel again. For months I was feeling horrendous, symptoms like bloating, diahorrea, lethargy, depressed mood, shortness of breath and just a general feeling of ill health.

I had been to several doctors about my symptoms and they all just dismissed it as stress, I new there was something wrong so I came to Annie to get a second (or eighth) opinion! After coming to Annie for a colonic she realized my symptoms and she diagnosed me with Coeliac disease which no doctor had even mentioned, within days of being on a Gluten free diet my symptoms just disappeared, I am back to my old self and life is worth living again!

I continue to get colonics from Annie as they are so beneficial for keeping my stomach in good shape and am working to rebuilding my small intestinal lining. Annie has been amazing in the process and am so grateful for her help and support.

Danni – student

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