Looking After Your Breasts and Self Breast Examination

Early detection of breast lumps is vital to the health of your breasts and to general overall health. Breast tissue constantly changes according to the menstrual cycle.

How Do I Examine my Breasts?
Stand in front of them mirror with your breast exposed.
Visually examine your breast and note any changes.
Does one breast look any different to the other?
Note skin and nipple changes or discharge.
Inspect your breast in 4 steps
a] Arms at the sides.
b] Arms overhead.
c] Hands on your hips pressing firmly to flex your chest muscles.
d] Bending forward.

a] Lying down place a pillow under your right shoulder.
Place your right hand under your head.
Using the first two/three finger pads of your opposite hand begin to palpate your breast.
Start at the nipple and work your way around the breast expanding the circle outwards and including the under arm area.
Use 3 different kinds of strokes. Light medium and firm over each area of the breast. The deeper stoke is done by pressing deeper into towards the rib cage.

b] Standing up (this can be done under the shower) raise your right arm and with soapy or fingers oiled with almond oil check both breasts as you have done lying down.

In a relaxed state allow your mind scan the inside of your breasts. Is there any pain, sensation, anything different or unusual? Mentally explore your breasts for whatever images you can experience, sensations colours, and temperatures. Become totally familiar with your breasts for an inner perspective.

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