I’ve been asked heaps of times…

       ‘…Why have a Colonic? Isn’t it weird & unnatural?!…’ 

Yep, its not natural to have a Colonic, but since Egyptian & Biblical times, folk have been having Colon Hydrotherapy of one sort or the  other! It is even mentioned in the Bible!

As our western diet becomes more & more unnatural, fibre depleted, refined, preserved & different foods 24/7 available to us to fit into our incredibly over committed life styles, our Colons are becoming more & more sluggish.

Colon Hydrotherapy actually is one of the most important systems of Natural Medicine needed to support our over health & well being & to protect our ailing, overlooked, abused & tired Colons.

Our Colons have not changed in thousands of years. They are designed to hold an enormous amount of soft moist roughage. Think about the traditional tribes eating the corn kernels & the cob. Or the apples & the core. Or the oranges & the pips!!!

So, even if a Colonic is not exactly a ‘natural’ event….our bodies really need them!!!

It is directly because we have alieanated ourselves from the basic act of going to the ‘loo’ regularly & because of the types of diet we eat today that Colon Hydrotherapy is SO essential.

And from the clinic’s the funniest thing I’ve heard from my elite athletes (men) when I tell them their session is nearly over

“..that the best news I’ve heard today!!….”

Visit our Clinic for Colon Hydrotherapy in Brisbane.

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