Is There A Gene Connection In Breast Cancer?

Genes are the building blocks in life.  Life’s blueprint.

In 1994 the discovery of a breast-ovarian cancer susceptibility gene, known as BRCA1 (Breast Cancer-1) led to further research and the discovery of other breast susceptibility genes BRCA2 and BRCA3. The BRCA1 is present in everyone. When it functions normally it is thought to suppress the growth of cancerous cells in the breast. However when it is mutated the altered gene allows uncontrolled cell growth, which is breast/ovarian cancer.

This discovery caused many problems including the issue of voluntary prophylactic mastectomy. The truth of the issue here is that true hereditary breast cancers according to the American Cancer Society are only 5% of all breast cancers. Much of the beast cancer epidemic is due to the increasing exposure of women to radiation, chemical mimicking oestrogens, chemicals and pathogenic factors. 95% of women do not have the breast cancer gene mutation.

There is a lot of controversy over the BRCA1 gene. The University of UTAH did research into this gene in a Mormon community in south west UTAH. This group of people had a generational history of breast cancer.
The study was under scrutiny as these people were subjected to the fallout form nuclear testing in the area. A total of 26 above ground tests and 11 underground detonations occurred in 1951 and 1980.

The Mormons were tested for cancer and there existed an increased incidence of cancer in all age groups in fact 61% in all age groups. By 1996, when the blood collection was collected for the gene identification study, 45 years of radiation exposure had passed. This is plenty of time for radiation exposure to have caused significant gene damage.

From these studies it was impossible to tell if the BRCA1 gene had ever been present prior to the testing.
Did the Utah clan of “One-breasted” women suffer genetic damage form radiation or were there hormone-disrupting chemicals that commented their food, fish ad livestock?

The tests are still under question. What remains is a fear in women’s heart that if they carry this gene they are automatically up for breast cancer and at this stage this cannot and has not bee substantiated. For the overwhelming majority of women the blame for breast cancer needs to be placed elsewhere.

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