There’s always heaps of debate around any food ‘fad’ that comes out. The latest is the Raw Food diet. I’m regularly asked ….

‘…What’s the benefits of going Raw?..

How will I get my protein?….

Will I keep my energy up?…

How does eating Raw Food help my investment in my Colonics?..’

So here’s some answers that may help.

We are all born with a certain amount of enzymes ….

We are all born with a certain amount of enzymes in our digestive system. Enzymes are needed on all stages of digestion to adequately break down & absorb our food.

As we age our enzymes are depleted through the natural ageing process but more usually through our diet. All processed, refined, preserved, heavily cooked, fried, junk foods etc.. take a large amount of enzymes to digest. This robs our body of the enzymes we do have & our digestive juices can become weakened, causing a  decline in our health.

Raw food, especially organic, (www.ripenraworganics.com.au) is rich in enzymes & nutrients. It is filled with fibre & freshness that can’t be beaten. It naturally replaces the enzymes we are born with & aids the digestion of any other food we are eating. It stimulates the immune system & helps our bodies to cleanse, repair & heal. It lifts our spirits & improves our libido. And the older we get, the more we need to eat raw foods.

Eating even 1-2 meals per day that are largely raw instantly improves our digestion, vitality & wellness. You will feel fuller faster & naturally want less food! Great for weight management!!

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