How Do Chemicals Affect My Breasts & My Unborn Baby?

Synthetic chemical compounds are notorious for accumulating in fatty tissue. These chemicals can be passed through the placenta into the unborn fetus accumulating in the breast milk. A baby’s body & delicate immune system can be profoundly affected by these harmful toxins. And if they are not eliminated from the lymphatic system of the breasts they can collect in the ducts of the breasts causing potential sites for cancerous lumps to grow.

What Are Trans Fats & How Do They Affect My Hormones?

‘It’s why your pie crust is so flaky and why Ritz biscuits stay crisp’ Trans-fats are formed when oil is hydrogenated. Hydrogenating allows the fat/oil to stay solid at room temperature. Trans-fat is essentially ‘shortening’ or ‘margarine’. The American Institute of Medicine has warned that no level of trans-fat is safe to consume. Trans fat has been shown to cause hormone disruption, heart disease, cancer and insulin resistance. It acts like a plastic floating around your blood stream!

Foods that have many trans-fat include most fast food, commercially baked foods, chips and crackers, spreads sauces and mixes. Also some breakfast cereals and energy bars, tortillas, fish sticks, microwave popcorn, frozen foods and pizzas contain trans-fats.

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