How can I repair my digestive system?

Increasingly, my clients ask me how they can repair their digestive system. Often they are suffering from bloating, gas, IBS, diverticulitis, colitis, constipation or habitual diarrhoea.

There are many reasons why your digestion goes on strike! It can be the food you eat, your genetic predisposition, your moods & stress levels, your habits or even your hormones!

To repair a digestive system takes time, commitment & patience. But the rewards are bountiful. When your digestion is in tip top shape, you can look forward to eating virtually what you like (& I don’t mean Macca’s!), enjoying great energy & libido, having higher levels of positive mood & motivation & experiencing a joy-de vivre that you may not have felt for years!

You also will need to scrutinise

  • what you are doing when you are eating
  • what & when you are eating
  • the environment you eat in
  • … & how you feel generally about food!

So let’s look at step number 1!

Does this sound familiar?! (I’ve done this too… so read on …)

Its lunch time! You have 30 minutes! You stride out of the office to the local food court … Grab a ‘wrap’… start eating … walk back to the office munching away with your smart phone pressed to your ear making those calls that just can’t wait!
Sound familiar? Well read on!

Guess what happens to your digestion when you do that?

YEP! It can’t work properly. All those little signals from your sense of smell to your brain to your saliva to your stomach get all confused! Instead of the delicious aroma of your selected food stimulating your body to get ready to enjoy your food & digest effectively, your brain is telling you something else! Probably about the phone call you are making, the crowded city street, your anzxt with your boss etc etc…. Your delicate digestion is being left out in the cold making too much acid for your bodies wellbeing.

So to heal your digestion it is essential that when you eat, you take the time to stop, enjoy the aroma, chew (100 times according to my Grannie), swallow & indulge in a little gastronomic pleasure! This activity sends endorphins swirling around your brain, blissing out primitive reflexes & allowing you to chillax into great digestion!

There’s a lot to be said for candle lit dinners! Aside from the potential of an evening of the other sort of pleasure, the time taken to relax & enjoy your food is essential if you want to repair your digestive track.

Theres much more to be said on this topic so stay tuned for my next article

Does what & when I eat affect my digestion?


STAY TUNED FOR ANNIES NEXT ARTICLE  Does what & when I eat affect my digestion?

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