How can I manage my stress?

First, let’s get honest with ourselves! Do you know how to manage your stress? No?!

Well let’sfirst admit that ‘yes’ some of our life is starting to lose its rosy hue & … yes … we aren’t really feeling all that bright eyed& bushy tailed anymore!

The only thing that seems to keep us going; doing ‘it’ at the pace we do-it-at; is the mortgage, the school fees & the life style!!

And we have to admit that we don’t sleep well anymore. We are putting on weight. We wake in the morning & want to pull the covers back over our heads. We bark at the kids, snarl at the boss, grump our way through the day, so ‘no’ to the ‘ever-lovings’ loving& rarely do we feel like the sky is blue & theair sweet anymore!!

But for many folks, even to admit this is a tall ask.

‘Who me? I’m just a ‘type-one’ personality! I need to work 24/7!’


‘No way! I’m not stressed! I just have a high metabolism & don’t like sleeping much!’


‘I’m only cranky ‘cos you really annoy me when you ….& puleese don’t tell me I’m hormonal!!! ‘

Fessing up to this WILL really help &right now no-one is there watching you, so read on!

Loving you is the first step to managing stress. In this simple yet often elusive realisation you have the opportunity to take a look at where you stepped onto the merry-go-round of life & disconnected with YOU!

Herein lies the existential realisation that when you don’t care for YOU, you will never be able to look after others, do your job with passion & delight, love your family & friends the way they deserve it or stop to smell the roses, cuddle the grandkids, kiss your wife / husband & play or dancelike no-one is watching!

In my experience we all know what lights our dial. So me telling you here & now what to do may not work.If you stop right now to feel it again, do it again & love it again you will find your own solution!

So here’s a’ little tip!

Get out your diary.

Pencil in a ‘hot-date’ with you & you alone! Don’t be tempted to invite your girlfriend, lover, wife, hubby, mate! This is time for you & you ALONE!!!

Go to your fav café & sit in the winter sun& all alone, gently reflect on the last time you had a gorJUS moment that really re stocked your energy & filled you with delight.

Write it down!

Then wait a little longer … see what else comes up … write this down … keep going until you have filled that page … then get out your diary & pencil in times, dates, places, people & beside them draw a huge big red HEART!

These red hearts will be your time to RELAX, ENJOY, HAVE FUN, CREATE, MAKE LOVE, EAT, SWIM, MEDITATE, DANCE, SING, CRY … anything that really fills you UP!

This is how you WILL begin to manage your stress.

And whatever you do, DO NOT cancel on yourself!!!! Unless of course you really want to feel like crap all the time!!!

And if this is not enough, read on!

In my next article I will be sharing with you more of the symptoms of stress!



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