Healing Moments of Meditation

There are moments of stillness waiting for you, hidden in the quiet spaces between the noises of everyday life. Perhaps your past experience with meditation has been more frustrating than relaxing? Know that there is no “right” way to meditate and the perfect method for you could just be as unique as you are. Maybe you garden, chant a special mantra in your mind, snuggle into the corner of your couch and watch your cat sleep, focus on your breath, hear one instrument in the orchestral piece of music you are listening to and allow yourself to be taken away.

When you make a conscious choice to meditate, set aside a particular time every day and allow your whole being to simply be, any of the examples I have used above suddenly transform from an unconscious, enjoyable action and become meditative practice. Sitting in regular meditation invites clarity and balance to reflect in the way you walk through the world. Relaxed breathing and calm response begin to form your answers and reactions. The absence of tension from your body, mind and spirit supports your every system in health. Our Meditation Retreat is a wonderful beginning, re-acquaintance, or continuation of time only for You.

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