In traditional society, all raw foods were eaten with the husks, skins, cores, pips & rinds intact. All grains were ground to a meal containing all of the grain, soaked in water, soured in the sun & slow baked or dehydrated thus  preserving all of the natural fibre.

In meat eating communities, the lining of the animals guts, their bones, sinews & organs meats were also consumed via  a slow cooking ‘over-the-fire’ type preparation. This provided a rich source protein, nutrients & of natural insoluble fibre to stimulate multiple healthy Colon evacuations each day!!

Today, most supermarket shelves contain ‘foods’ that are processed,…

Today, most supermarket shelves contain ‘foods’ that are processed, refined, preserved (with artificial preservatives) over cooked, or snap dried, depleted of most enzymes, packaged & stored for months before we have the ‘privilege’ to eat them!!

No wonder our Colons complain!

For our Colons to even begin to be as a healthy as our traditional elders,Colon Hydrotherapy is a MUST!! and Green Smoothies help us immensely

This Green Smoothie cleanses the blood & floods our tissues with natural iron.

Deeply cleansing!

The Green Revolution

1 kale leaf
1 green apple
¼ lemon
1 small banana
1 tspn Bee pollen
1 tspn Maca powder
1 tspn Cacao powder
½ Avocado
200 ml cooled peppermint tea
Blend all ingredients until smooth adding the avocado at the end.
Serves 2

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