How does a ‘Green Smoothie’ assist us to have healthy multiple Colon evacuations each day? And how will they help you to lose weight?

Filled with fibre & enzymes, a ‘Green Smoothie’ will activate an instant response from your Colon.

The neurological (nerve) impulse from your stomach, to your brain, to your Colon; begins to fire as soon as the bulk of the liquid raw food reaches the stomach. Your body also responds immediately to being fed with a food source that is rich in nutrient, minerals, enzymes & flavour.

This remarkable mechanism in our bodies signals that its now time to rush to the ‘loo’. It also alerts us to how full we are feeling so we are less likely to over eat. A great way to begin to lose weight!

Did you know that you can carry up to 5-10 kgs of dried up faeces (poo) on the wall of your bowel. A Colonic really helps with instant weight loss!!

During your Colonics ‘Green Smoothies’ also enhance the detoxification process that begins as soon as you start to have Colon Hydrotherapy. The cleansing bulking effect of the raw food, allows your body to begin to quickly release toxins built up on the wall of your Colon.

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