So, have you all been staying tuned to the ‘Green Smoothie’ fad taking the Natural world by storm? You know … where you take out the blender, dust it off, grab your organic goodies…. rocket, apple, parsley, fruit, macca powder, cacao, chia etc…shove them in the blender, hit 10 (…remember that blender lid!) & blend it all up into the most vibrant living food ever???

Well, I’m totally bowled over by all you folk who ARE dedicating your health to the best ever with committing to Colonics regularly with us & combining this with experimenting with these concoctions of delight!!!

I’m seeing the most amazing health results….

I’m seeing the most health amazing improvement as a ‘Green Smoothie A-Day’ keeps the Doctor away. This with weekly Colonics deeply cleanses all of your body!!.

Seriously… I love the efficacy & amazing potential for improving longevity, wellness, productivity & joy-de-vivre, that this type of food revolution is causing. Not only does it challenge our understanding of health, but it highlights how important increasing our consumption of greens & fibre enzyme rich foods is to our vitality & well being.

As far as Colon Hydrotherapy is concerned, the introduction of even 1 Green Smoothie per day will change your Colon health for the better.

Our Colons are actually designed to take a large amount of soft bulky fibre every day. This gives our Colons the ability to bulk up a ‘stool’ & to sweep clean any residue that may have slugged up the walls of the Colon.

Try this one for a yummi invigorating brekkie!!


1 Cup frozen mixed berries
1 banana
1 tspn honey
1 small handful fresh mint
1 small handful fresh parsley
1 tspn Maca powder
1 tspn Cacao powder
1 tspn Chia seeds
200 ml water / nut milk / your favourite cooled herb tea
Serves 2

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