Breast Massage – The Natural Alternative

Our breasts are full of lymph nodes and tubes that carry white blood cells called lymphocytes.
Doing gentle lymphatic massage around the breast area is vital to ensure that the breasts are drained on a regular basis.

How do I Massage my Breasts?

You can easily massage your breasts as a part of your normal beauty regime. This can be done after you shower & before you dress.

Choose your favourite massage oil making sure that it is from an organic vegetable source. Do not us Baby Oil as this is a mineral based oil & not good for your breasts & body.

Raise your arm above your head & with the other hand begin to massage.

Gently begin to massage each breast starting at the centre of your chest, travelling down & around your breast in a counter clockwise motion for your left breast & clockwise for your right. Use firm pressure making sure it feels right for your body. If you are pre-menstrual you may need to be a little more gentle. You can gently squeeze the area under your armpit as you massage. This will help to pump the lymphatic fluidsd & reduce any tendency to lumps developing in your breasts. Cover your entire breast & nipple with these gentle circular movements & stop when you feel complete.

Even a daily 1-2 minute massage of each breast does wonders for your health, well being & libido!!

What Are The Benefits Of Self Breast Massage? 

It’s an excellent way to ensure breast health throughout a woman’s life.

It allows for the waste product in the lymphatic fluid to be discharged fully.

It allows clean and vital blood to flood the area.

It stimulates the entire endocrine system via working on the energy meridians of the body. Thus providing the entire system with a charge up! 

It balances our delicate female hormones. 

It REALLY helps with PMS, mood swings, menstrual cycle breast tenderness, pain, cysts and fluid retention, menstrual irregularities all will be affected positively by regular breast massage.

It keeps us in contact with our breasts. The strokes of the massage allow us to check for lumps accessing early detection.


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