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Blueberry Kale Liver Buster

Feel like giving your liver a boost in this yummy blend of Kale Blueberries & Dandelion Root?  This power house of SUPER foods packs a powerful punch & is delish to boot! Dandelion Root is one of the major Cholegogues or Liver Gall-Bladder supporters of the herbal world. It is also a great kidney cleanser […]

Aurum Metallicum – A case of Lower Back Pain

NAME: Laxmi  Maharjan AGE: 40year SEX: Female ADDRESS: Kirtipur, Nepal Present Complain : ( 2066/11/18)-4 years before Low back pain: since 4 month No h/o of trauma < sleep with supine position, working by bending forward taking medicine (pain killer) Stinging pain No radiation of pain No swelling , no tenderness H/o of treatment: She […]

Kali Carb LM Case

NAME: Gyani  Maharjan AGE: 54year SEX: Female ADDRESS: Kirtipur, Nepal Present Complain : ( 2066/11/24-Nepali date)-4years before Back side of both knee pain: since 2 yea No h/o of trauma < walking >rest Hardening pain No radiation of pain No swelling , no tenderness H/o of treatment: She had consulted with doctor and had done […]

Papaya Seed Salad Dressing

Yep! It’s an unusual flavour but it’ll definitely add a pizazz to any salad to keep your guests guessing! The use of papaya seed is mostly overlooked for its therapeutic quality. This recipe is not only a unique addition to any salad but an essential way of using food as medicine. The papaya seed is […]

Vegan Dip

A delish nutty protein-powered creamy dip that is yummy with slow baked or sprouted crackers & a palate of celery & carrot sticks. As a snack when you are on the go it beats the commercial dips! Rich in Iron, Omega fatty acids& antioxidants this recipe is guaranteed to bring out the sunshine on those […]

How can I repair my digestive system?

Increasingly, my clients ask me how they can repair their digestive system. Often they are suffering from bloating, gas, IBS, diverticulitis, colitis, constipation or habitual diarrhoea. There are many reasons why your digestion goes on strike! It can be the food you eat, your genetic predisposition, your moods & stress levels, your habits or even […]

Am I suffering from stress?

Ever had that feeling that life has become a huge stress … it’s like a huge red fire truck, screaming around the corner at 100km per hour, breathing fire & brimstone down your neck as you, a fragile human stand inadvertently&unconsciously in its path? Ever had that feeling? Well if you have here’s what happens! […]

How can I manage my stress?

First, let’s get honest with ourselves! Do you know how to manage your stress? No?! Well let’sfirst admit that ‘yes’ some of our life is starting to lose its rosy hue & … yes … we aren’t really feeling all that bright eyed& bushy tailed anymore! The only thing that seems to keep us going; […]