Can we become addicted to Colon Hydrotherapy?
A great question!

Yes, this can happen because it makes you feel just so amazing!!! Clear eyed, bushy tailed & ready to jump your lover!!

But Colonics DO NOT cause your body or your Colon to become dependant on them.

If you take laxatives your body will become dependent on them to move your Colon. The laxatives cause an increase in the peristaltic waves in your gut forcing your colon to release often just the digesting food from your last meal. They do not remove the old hardened toxic mucoid plaque stuck to your Colon wall that causes you to feel anything but great!!!

Conversely, during a Colon Hydrotherapy session, your colon will be relieved of a large amount of congested thick sticky old faecal matter that can have been there for years!!! This gunk is what makes you sick!!!

As your Colon cleans it is more & more able to respond to the natural stimulus from the bowel to the brain that says..’get ready to evacuate me!….’. The Colonic actually facilitates this neural (nerve) response helping your body to naturally & regularly want to go to the toilet!

So Colon Hydrotherapy is addictive only because it makes you feel amazingly healthy well & energised. Colonics are NOT physically habit forming!!!

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