Am I suffering from stress?

Ever had that feeling that life has become a huge stress … it’s like a huge red fire truck, screaming around the corner at 100km per hour, breathing fire & brimstone down your neck as you, a fragile human stand inadvertently&unconsciously in its path?

Ever had that feeling?

Well if you have here’s what happens!

As time stands still, you will gather all your resources to get the hell out of its way!!

You have a micro second to register your risk!

Then frantic nerve impulses signaleyes & ears to deliver to brain, adrenals,heart, pancreas, lungs& legs that you ARE under attack!!

Then mobilising adrenaline & glycogen, your blood surges to your heart, speeding up your beatto ‘PUMP-class’ levels.Your lungs contract forcing oxygen to your periphery &turning you dash like the clappers, gasping out of its way, preventing inevitableannihilation & an unsightly demise under its mammoth sized wheels!

OK … so if that stress fire truck appears only once in a blue moon, all should be fine for you & you will be thanking your lucky stars that you saw it; acted on it & were fit enough to get out of its way!

But what happens if it’s a regular event? Like daily or even hourly?

That ugly huge red fire truckis called ‘STRESS’ & it will be revving its engine in the background of your life permanently!!!

Then all those fragile physiological mechanisms will be on constant alert, telling you that you are under threat all the time. And your life will no longer be a rose-coloured-glasses event! Your joy-de-vivre will be a thing of the past. Those delicious moments with your beloved will fade into the background! You will be screaming at the kids, wanting to throttle the ‘tweens & hating your boss & your job!

And You WILL start to feel just a tad burnt out… like running away to the Baliwould be bliss … & ultimately like life has become a fully big-bad-drag!!

If this goes on for too long then deep exhaustion, ill health, disease & even death occurs!

Does this sound a little over dramatized to you?

Well can I ask you when was the last time you spent an afternoon on the beach, had a massage, meditated, danced, taken your supplements, played with your kids, turned your iPhone off all day, locked up your computer for a long weekend or hung out in the garden, park or pool with your friends or family?

If you are blushing with the truth of the above, then the current statistics tell me that you are STRESSED!!!!

Without R & R you will be building it up like that big-bad red FIRE-TRUCK careering around the corner at you!

It is SOOO important to every man woman & child in Australia & the western world that we learn about how to manage our stress. It is THE most dangerous & contributing factor to ill health & disease. And I will tell you more in my next article …

‘How can I manage my stress?’



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