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One of the best experiences of my life

Thank you again for the ‘Dance’. It has truly been one of the best experiences of my life that I have been able to transfer into my everyday life. It compliments my personal and emotional growth. I nurture, support and love …

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Just wanted to express my gratitude for the assistance your colonic hydrotherapy has given me with two chronic conditions

Just wanted to express my gratitude for theassistance your colonic hydrotherapy has given me with two chronic conditions –firstly a lifetime of chronic constipation (made worse since child birth) and secondly skin rashes which seemed …


Jono’s Video Testimonials

Jono talks about his health from really serious problems to great health with treatment at My Health Sanctuary, Brisbane. He was treated with Detox and Colon Hydrotherapy Programs, and started feeling better within 15 days. …


Having been to 2 doctors, a naturopath, dietician

I had suffered from constipation, massive bloating and wind for 2 months. It was really ruining my quality of life not to mention the worry of why it was happening to me after a life time of being able to …


An environment that supports optimum opportunities for the enrichment of my personal wellbeing

Sharing my personal journey towards quality inner health with Annie has been a comforting and supportive journey / partnership.

She brings strong qualities of empathy, intuition and concern to her professional dealings with clients.

I have valued the supportive, communicative and professional …


My life has completely changed

Since seeing Annie my life has completely changed, well actually its just gone back to what it was which was a distant memory and one I thought I would never feel again. For months I was feeling horrendous, symptoms like …

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Empowering patients to become pro-active with regard to both improving and maintaining their health

I have found Annie O’Moon-Browning to be anexceptionallycompetent and professional natural health carepractitioner. Shereally listens to the patient and tailors a healthprogramcarefully to the individual’s needs. She is extremelywarm,caring, and flexible and also possesses that mostimportantquality – a sense of …

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Thank you Annie for having such an impact on our lives!

Simon & Amanda (Brisbane)

Before we met with Annie we had been trying to conceive for almost 18 months. During that time we had two miscarriages. Meeting with Annie not only fill us with confidence, but we followed her program and …


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Annies transformational work is very restorative & healing

‘Annies transformational work is very restorative & healing. I feel very reconnected to what matters most in my life & have enjoyed the palyful & fun way in which the day unfolded. Thanks Annie for giving us permission to be in the feminine space!’

Angela De Palma – ‘Gotooutsource’ Business Owner

‘Special, connective, expansive, tactile!’ Catherine -Teacher

Embracing, accepting, welcoming, I felt safe in the circle & able to open & surrender’ Natalie Hennessey – Spirited Womens Movement

‘Absolutely beautiful! Focuses on the importance of women’s connectedness’ Malinda -Indigenous Teacher

‘It was very special to come together as women & share each others stories & expereinces. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole retreat & feel empowered’ Andrea – Indigenous Artist

I enjoyed being able to let go & dance like a wild woman! Annie made it easy to relax, let your guard down & connect with the women in the circle’ Leah – Teacher

‘A total relax! I was in a deeply peaceful place after the relaxation meditation. I loved the opportunity to be in Sacred Circle & Dance!!’ Linda – Business Woman

‘I feel fantastic, relaxed, grounded … spa was divine, loved it … bring it on baby!!’ Malinda Flynn – Indigenous Counsellor

‘It was really fun & uplifting. IT brought our another side of me & was playful’ Andrea – Indigenous Teacher

‘Thank you for facilitating this wonderful day. It really meant more to me than I can possibly convey in words!’ Jennifer

‘Thanks Annie for being such a supportive, interactive facilitator. What a wise sexy woman you are!’Gwyneth – Naturopath

‘I find it difficult to relate to women & the relationships in the everyday. Especially in academic & virtual competitiveness! I feel awkward about myself so its good to find some expereince that reflects something different & allows you to expereince yourself in a way that is more comfortable’ Catherine – Primary School Teacher & Artist

‘A real feeling of power. I felt powerful within myself. It was a calm & peaceful strength. I felt uplifted. Our day reminded me to stay true to myself & also spend the time with myself quietly amidst the bustle of it.’Jenny – Teacher

‘The Sauna & Spa is top class! I would DEFINATELY recommend this day to other women’ Wendy – Lawyer

‘It was wonderful to feel more grounded & in tune with myself & the women around me’ Leah Licence

‘A really nice introduction for me into this type of therapy’ Andrea – Teacher

‘I got to unwind enough to feel rested & I look forward to a deep & healing sleep tonight’ Janette – Doctor

‘The dancing helped me find what is really going on in the deep of me – that which is so easily lost in a fog of thoughts. It’s is great to relax the intellectual control’ Wendy – Writer

‘I feel really peaceful, pampered supported & a sense of belonging. The Spa was lots of fun & very restorative” Angela – Business Woman

‘It was very nurturing & relaxing. It reminded me of the important role of women supporting other women through the ages. It was good to be able to take time out for myself!’ Maria – Mum

‘After participating in today I feel happy content & ready to face the world again’ Karen – Yoga Teacher

‘I found a space for self nurturing, to look after myself.’ Maria – Business Owner

‘How about a coffee or a wine after the Spa in the city?’ Debbie – Fashion Designer

‘Lovely having nature & birds singing around you!’ Gwyneth – Naturopath

‘I felt grounded and in touch with myself – freer emotionally’ Wendy – Writer

‘Annie transformational work is very restorative & healing. I feel very reconnected to what matters most in my life & have enjoyed the palyful & fun way in which the day unfolded. Thanks Annie for giving us permission to be in the feminine space!’ Angela – IT Business Owner

‘Thank you for a loving nurturing & fun experience. My exhaustion has lifted, I feel ok about being clam & slow’ Janette

‘Totally relaxing & fun – like a mini hoilday! The day flowed really well & it was so good not to worry about time or things from home or work & be in the present. I feel an inner calm & rejuvenation’ Karen – Teacher

‘I loved hearing other womens stories & the dancing! And I would have loved to have included massage with the Spa!’ Miffy – Student

‘ It was the time for ‘ME’ & also to meet new interesting people. I feel better about myself. I feel sexy again!!’ Debbie

‘Annie IS the ‘Wise Woman’!  I thoroughly enjoyed a day shared with women! I allowed myself to take a day off, share it with other women & took time to think about who I am.  Its a reflfective time out from a hectic life. I feel calm & strenghthened. I enjoyed the meditation’ Donna – Bookeeper


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My treatment with Annie began 18 months ago when I was 30 kg over weight. My Blood pressure was dangerously high. I had fluid retention, joint pain, psoriasis, poor energy, depression & totally no self esteem. Now I am down to my dreamed of weight goal! I have loved this weight management program & have lost an average of 1 kg every 7 days.

Not only have I lost weight but I have finally managed to stabilise to my ideal weight goal. The recipes are yummy (I never get bored with them), really easy to understand & the program scientific & simple to follow!

I now am jumping over fences to go to the gym & am loving life thoroughly. My blood pressure is normal, my body feels great (no more joint pain), my skin is glowing & I feel great!! The kids can’t keep up with me!!

Thanks heaps Annie!

Jane – 38 year old Mum & P/T cashier


WOW! I have battled the bulge for EVER! Now with your incredibly easy scientific weight management I am actually keeping that entire extra inch off! This has never happened before with all of the diets I have tried. Feeling AWESOME!!

Georgia – Mum Lost 10 kg in 3 months

A big thank you Annie from all of us. Mum has finally lost those inches we needed for her to have her surgery. Our doctor is really happy with her & we’re all looking forward to skiing next year.

Jana – daughter to Annette due for knee surgery.


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After many years of unhappy marriage & finally separating from my wife I never thought I’d believe in the opposite sex again. Annie’s insight, counselling, wisdom, sense of humour & horrible tasting herbal concoctions & far gentler Homeopathic has given my libido, health, sanity & joy back. Thanks!

Stewart – 59 year old Company Director & to-be husband of Tricia

Hi Annie. I wanted to acknowledge you for all that you have done for me. As you know my depression after the death of my beautiful wife Jane had me on the edge of suicide many times in the last 2 years. Through the dance & your gentle clinical treatment with Homeopathic & Flower essences I have started to come to terms with my grief. My children & I just want to say thanks.

Gary – 43 years old – Husband to Jane breast cancer sufferer

Hi Annie, Just wanted to say thanks for helping with Cohen’s fevers over the last year. The Homeopathic are truly amazing when he would not respond to paracetamol.

Jane – Mum to Cohen (Neutropenia sufferer)

Annie Thanks for your incredible patience with my daughters behaviour in your clinic. We now can finally see some a change happening as the Homeopathy is working its magic on her. I still feel that she possibly is Aspergian but will continue your treatment until the specialist sees us. Thanks again.

Jody – Mum to Gabriella (5 years old ADHD)

Hi, when I first visited Annie over 2 years ago I had serious pain in my hands, knees & ankles. Her Homeopathic treatment initially caused a lot of pain to come out in my joints. I decided to persevere with Annie’s treatment & last October walked the 6 day Overland track in Tasmania. I beat our guide to camp each night & had no pain at all during the trek. Thanks Annie

Bret – 46 year old Truck Driver


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[callout2]After participating in Annie’s pranala yoga classes I feel relaxed and serene, with new awareness about my breathing and movement.’ Catherine, artist/children’s teacher

Catherine Howard, Business Manager, Kenmore


[callout2]After participating in Annie’s Pranala Yoga classes I feel relaxed and serene, with new awareness about my breathing and movement.

Catherine, artist/children’s teacher


[callout2]Thanks Annie. I never had such a relaxing yoga before in my experience. I went into deep meditation & doing yoga on same time. I am looking forward to do again soon.

Arigatou Tomoko, Tango Dancer


[callout2]This is the real deal, mind, body and soul. Pranala yoga embraces me wholly and encourages me to find the sweet spot, which nourishes me. I love going to class.

Vicki, Author


[callout2]Annie’s Pranala yoga class is a wonderful experience and Annie has a very good voice to guide in the asanas, breathing practice and meditation. I felt very relaxed and Annie’s individual guidance during the class was helpful, and her many years experience in the healing profession shines through.

Karen Rose, Child Care educator


[callout2]You leave annies pranala yoga classes feeling nurtured and your soul refueled.

Trina Allen, Counsellor