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My Health Sanctuary focus is on YOU achieving your best possible health results.
We use the ancient healing arts of Herbs & Homeopathy with modern
Nutritionals, Colonics, Pathology testing, Urine Analysis, Blood Analysis & Diet.
This is truly the best of both worlds!

Our Speciality

Colonics & Detoxing

Colonic Irrigation is a simple relaxing method of preserving long term Colon health and overcoming persistent ailments. We guarantee that you will maintain your optimal energy and vitality whilst detoxing.

Natural Fertility

Planning on having a baby? Preconception Health Care (PCHC) improves your conception rate by 79%. Create your optimum reproductive health for either IVF or if you want to conceive naturally


Yoga is not about flexibility! Pranala Yoga accepts you as you are! Strengthen yourself physically, emotionally, mentally& spiritually with this delightful Yogic practice from Bali!

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Colonic Health Packages

$99 COLONIC SPECIAL * November 2019

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Basic Pack

Buy your SINGLE/INITIAL  Colonic & pay only $130

Includes a Bonus $30 Deep Tissue Massage with each Colonic

$130 per session

3 Pack Deal

Buy your ‘STAYING HEALTHY’ 3 pack & pay only $110/Colonic


Includes a Bonus $30 Deep Tissue Massage with each Colonic

$330 per session

5 Pack Deal

Buy your ‘UP THE ANTE!’ 5 pack & pay only $99/Colonic


Includes a Bonus $30 Deep Tissue Massage with each Colonic

$99 per session

10 Pack Deal

Buy your ‘TOTAL OVERHAUL’ 10 pack & pay only $95/Colonic


Includes a Bonus $30 Deep Tissue Massage with each Colonic

$95 per session

Buy your Colonic with Naturopathic Consult Deal

Pay only $160 for a Colonic and a 15 minute diagnostic Consultation

Includes a Bonus $30 Deep Tissue Massage with each Colonic

$160 per session

Set into the lush foot hills of Mt Coot-tha, Brisbane, My Health Sanctuary is a client focused Natural Medicine Centre – That means that our focus is on YOU achieving your best possible health results.

Our approach is an integration of Traditional Natural Medicines – Herbs, Homeopathy, Nutritional – with state of the art modern procedures – Colonics, Pathology testing, Urine Analysis, Diet.This is truly the best of both worlds!

Where to find My Health Sanctuary

32 Lorward Ave.


+614 02 404 657
+617 3369 9965

The benefits of working with us


  • Professional therapists with 35 years’ experience
  • Virtual therapists – you can consult us from anywhere in the world!
  • Health Fund Rebates – for in-house Australian Clients
  • Personalised concise treatment programs that get results fast.
  • Day, evening & weekend consultations to fit your busy schedules
  • Multi-modality clinic

About Annie

Annie O’Moon-Browning is a senior Practitioner, Counsellor & Lecturer of Natural Medicine in Brisbane. She is the director of My Health Sanctuary & has practiced Natural Medicine for the past 35 years Annie specialises in Women’s Hormones, Natural Fertility & Pregnancy, Colon Hydrotherapy & Detoxification Programs & teaches Balinese Pranala Yoga.. She runs Health Retreats in Australia & Bali.

Our services are claimable with the following Australian Health Funds’

Video Testimonials


One of the best experiences of my life
Thank you again for the ‘Dance’. It has truly been one of the best experiences of my life that I have been able to transfer into my everyday life. It compliments my personal and emotional growth. I nurture, support and love myself more deeply, thus I can open my heart and receive and give love to others with less conditions.

The ‘Dance’ provided me with the grounding that I craved, the Earth that I felt I had missing in my life. I experienced Dancing into Ecstasy!

And thank you for the Dalai Lama CD. I listen to it often whilst meditating and reading A Course in Miracles, very powerful. I feel truly blessed and loved.”


Just wanted to express my gratitude for the assistance your colonic hydrotherapy has given me with two chronic conditions –firstly a lifetime of chronic constipation (made worse since child birth) and secondly skin rashes which seemed tohave kickedin after a period of some months of stress.

After the colonics I have found that the constipation & rashes have improved greatly – I was finding I would not go for4-5days at a time at its worst and now I am pretty much every day and a healthy condition. Skin rashes on my palms have improved significantly to the point where they have actually gone away for a period and are much less fierce + a rash on the top of my foot has almost disappeared! I have had all rashes constantly for over a year.

The experience of having a colonic is very gentle and is not in any way distressing or uncomfortable.

AinsleyManaging Director

When I first visited Annie over 2 years ago I had serious pain in my hands, knees & ankles. Her Homeopathic treatment initially caused a lot of pain to come out in my joints. I decided to persevere with Annie’s treatment & last October walked the 6 day Overland track in Tasmania. I beat our guide to camp each night & had no pain at all during the trek. Thanks Annie

Bret46 year old Truck Driver

Not only have I lost weight but I have finally managed to stabilise to my ideal weight goal. The recipes are yummy (I never get bored with them), really easy to understand & the program scientific & simple to follow! I now am jumping over fences to go to the gym &am loving life thoroughly. My blood pressure is normal, my body feels great (no more joint pain), my skin is glowing & I feel great!! The kids can’t keep up with me!! Thanks heaps Annie!’

Jane38 year old Mum & P/T cashier

I had suffered from constipation, massive bloating and wind for 2 months. It was really ruining my quality of life not to mention the worry of why it was happening to me after a life time of being able to eat anything with no side affects.

Annie was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. It was refreshing to see a practitioner who, for lack of a better phrase, knows what she’s on about!

Thank you Annie, I feel so much better and have you to thank.


My girlfriend told me that my skin would benefit from Colon Hydrotherapy. It took a bit of convincing but now I am so glad that I came to ‘My Health Sanctuary’. I love this clinic. It’s so green & private & peaceful. The course of colonics was actually easy. My skin looks great.

Thanks Annie

Juliette20 year old Beautician

Before we met Annie we had been trying to conceive for almost 18 months. During that time we had 2 miscarriages. Meeting Annie not only filled us with confidence, but we followed her program & advice & fell pregnant about 6 weeks later. Thank you Annie for having such an impact on our lives

Simon & Amanda BellParents of Lily-Beth Bell

After participating in Annie’s Pranala Yoga Classes I feel relaxed and serene, with new awareness about my breathing and movement.

Catherine HowardBusiness Manager, Kenmore

Annies transformational work is very restorative & healing. I feel very reconnected to what matters most in my life & have enjoyed the palyful & fun way in which the day unfolded. Thanks Annie for giving us permission to be in the feminine space!’

Angela De Palma‘Gotooutsource’ Business Owner

A real feeling of power. I felt powerful within myself. It was a calm & peaceful strength. I felt uplifted. Our day reminded me to stay true to myself & also spend the time with myself quietly amidst the bustle of it.