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Set into the lush foot hills of Mt Coot-tha, Brisbane, My Health Sanctuary is a client focused Natural Medicine Centre – That means that our focus is on YOU achieving your best possible health results.

Our approach is an integration of Traditional Natural Medicines – Herbs, Homeopathy, Nutritional – with state of the art modern procedures – Colonics, Pathology testing, Urine Analysis, Diet.This is truly the best of both worlds!

For those of you who want great vitality & health results we recommend our tried & proven 5 consultation program. Your appointments are attended at regular intervals to allow us to monitor your progress & for YOU to feel supported & guided to achieve your health goals fast!


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  • Virtual therapists – you can consult us from any where in the world!
  • Multi-modality clinic
  • Personalised concise treatment programs every time that get results fast.
  • Day, evening & weekend consultations to fit your busy schedules

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My history with Annie was triggered due to major digestion problems which stopped me from eating any fat/oil. Having undertaken a few liver/gallbladder cleanses which rectified the criticality of my problem, I chose to do the 28 day cleanse to try and remove any mucoid plague from around my digestive duct areas, with a view to minimising the risk of the problem recurring.

In March 2014 I began the 28 day challenge with Annie. I started the program weighing approximately 73 kilos.

My challenges: I am quite a high protein reliant person and enjoy a bit of roast chicken, so for me going vegan for 28 days initially felt like a difficulty. However, as I progressed through the weeks I found it easier to deal with that. By the time I got to week 3, on one meal a day, I was coping with that food allowance. However I was quite moody, probably in anticipation of the last/hardest week. In addition, I needed to adjust my product consumption to correctly produce the required eliminations. After this took affect I was feeling much better. I also found the timing of having to take product difficult to master initially. When you are a busy Mum of two, and in addition juggling various projects, this timing was sometimes messed up.

Today I am on day 25, so am in the last week with 3 more days to go. This week is the Power stage week, where you can achieve maximum cleansing by avoiding food and just having product and water. I thought this would be the worst week, but strangely I am actually finding this week the easiest! Perhaps this is because having had no food in my mouth, my brain is not feeling the temptation to chew/consume. I am actually not hungry (the fibre product probably achieves this), and if I start to feel a little tired or low, then I drink an organic coconut water drink. This tends to lift me up and let me carry on.

This morning the scales said I weighted 64.9 kilos, so to date I have lost just over 8 kilos. I suspect I will lose a couple more before day 28.

All in all, this cleanse has been very productive. If anyone feels they really need to enable their immune system to be as efficient as possible to minimise their risk of future chronic disease, it is a good choice, however it is not for the faint hearted. But as Annie says, “if I can do it, you can do it”.

Kerry B